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    5th Generation 2500’s

    Welcome! This forum is primarily for 1500s although all are welcome. There's a lot of good info here for all Rams, but you'll probably get more responses on the sister forum specifically for HD trucks- https://hdrams.com/forum/index.php
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    4auto 'feeling in pedal'

    My '20 I can feel/hear just a hint of extra vibes/noise when I switch from 2wd to 4auto if I really pay attention.
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    Are our trucks screwed with 3g going away?

    My son's Charger has a 3G connection and he's received several offers for a free 4G adapter (plugs into the OBD2 port) if he wanted to reactivate the Guardian service. Not worth the $$ to him so he ignored it, but I'm sure there's a similar solution for anyone facing the same situation.
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    Need some assistance please - headlights

    Really? I thought they run at lower power for DRL. Learn something new every day.
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    Need some assistance please - headlights

    If it's set to 'on' then that's your problem. Headlights are the DRL (running at 50%). Turn it off.
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    has anyone had any of this completed?

    I wouldn't say a lie. The physical features like the intrusion sensor are probably available (don't know for sure), but the software enhancements seem to keep getting pushed off into the future. Hellcat guys are anxious for the extra security options.
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    Need some assistance please - headlights

    Is DRL set to 'on' in Uconnect settings? DRL is the headlights running 50%, not the top/bottom accent strips.
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    has anyone had any of this completed?

    It seems like the rollout date keeps getting pushed back. The Enhanced Security part has been 'coming real soon' for Chargers/Challengers for almost a year.
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    Apple Carplay Issues

    Try a different cable or other USB port? Just because it charges doesn't mean it's also passing data. Try a different phone too if you can.
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    Bighorn grill swap to Limited

    Here you go. Probably everything you need- https://5thgenrams.com/community/threads/2020-ram-limited-headlights-fog-lights-grill-and-trim-pieces.38064/
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    Hello...not an owner yet but likely

    He's got the 4xe hybrid. Might get decent mileage out of it. Actually I'm interested in how @deeve likes that hybrid powertrain overall. When inventory and prices come back to reality a 4xe Grand Cherokee might be good for the wife.
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    Device not supported

    Or use the USB under the center console lid (if you don't have the middle seat). Or use the rear seat USB not labeled '3' Those USBs are charge only.
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    How does your Ram do in the snow?

    Mine did fine in the big storm we had last year. Dumped like 13"-14" and I had to drive home from work in it. Only time I've really had to use 'real' 4wd instead of auto. No pics though. Was too busy avoiding idiots on the road.
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    OEM LED DRL Upgrade Question

    There are no bulbs. As ferraiolo1 said, cutting them open and installing aftermarket LEDs is your only option to brighten the accent lights. https://www.diodedynamics.com/2019-2021-ram-1500-midline-multicolor-led-boards.html
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    Canadian Sport Version?

    As mentioned above, the Ram Sport is considered its own separate trim level in Canada. It sits above the Big Horn and below the Rebel/Laramie. It is essentially just a Big Horn with the Sport package + standard V8, and probably a few other things. You can check out the differences on ramtruck.ca
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    looks like SHAP will be working 6 days a week in 2022

    Right. Ultimately the company can do whatever they want as long as the local union goes along with it...and sometimes even if they don't. Been there. As of now their union blocked extending 'critical status'. Doesn't mean they won't try again. But they'll still be forced 2/3 Saturdays (if...
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    looks like SHAP will be working 6 days a week in 2022

    Kind of. They run 3 crews M thru F + mandatory 2 out of 3 Saturdays (and a lot of Sundays too). It's both a blessing (good $) and a curse (no home life to speak of) if you work at a plant making a popular product.
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    Will a 6' 4' bed for a 5th gen 1500, swap out for a 5th gen 2500 6' 4"?

    No. Completely different (unless maybe he has a Classic 1500 as @devildodge said). My buddy made the same mistake when trying to replace a damaged tailgate on his '19 DT. Wasn't even close.
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    6.7 Cummins

    Welcome! This forum is primarily for 1500s (although all are welcome). You will probably get better responses on the sister forum specifically for HD trucks- https://hdrams.com/forum/index.php