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    High Mileage rams holding up

    Just checking to see now that NBS has been out since 19 how they are holding up. I've wanted one of the rams for a while but I'm in sales and drive about 60000 miles a year. So I need to see if a ram will hold up to about 240,000 miles 95% highway. I did see ram offers an unlimited mileage...
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    Most miles on 19 and up Ram

    Just wanted to see whom has put some serious miles on their Ram. I'm in sales a drive a lot miles per year, mostly highway but normal calculations for me would be 40-50 year. I see where Ziegler has unlimited warranty and would definitely get that if I get a ram. Just wanting to see if...
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    So I'm just verifying manual folding mirrors

    I think I've seen this answered here but I'm looking at a used longhorn that has every option on my list and price is decent as well. It does have the towing mirrors $400 option. Does that mean it will not have the 360 camera's? I could live with manually folding them in but I have the 360...
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    Opinions New or Used with current enviroment

    I've been lurking and watching the "Price off MSRP" thread especially. I don't really need a new truck current Ford has been great ride but have wanted one of the new Rams since they came out in 19. I almost never buy new as usually you can if you look enough find a year old used truck for...
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    Service thats been done

    After going thru the threads here (which probably isn't best thing if you want to buy a ram) I keep wanting to push forward. I've found a 19 ram limited loaded with all the options and color combo I wanted. Only has 4400 miles on it. Does have a lift that was installed thru the dealer...