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    Not Much For Paint Choices in 2022

    I was surprised specing out a truck on the Ram site. I have a 2019 Laramie I ordered with 2 tone paint and they don't even offer 2 tone paint anymore. Also they have greatly cut down on the color selection. I know all the dealer lots are full of single color trucks, I like two tones. There is...
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    Garbage towing numbers

    Has anyone else noticed that the empty weight numbers on the Ram towing charts are really off. They state a range of empty weights for Laramie's of 4900 to roughly 5200. I had been figuring my trailer weight off of the heavy end of that number. My truck actually weighs 6100 lbs empty. That...
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    The new power folding mirrors question.

    To the people that have the new option, do the mirrors fold and open both with power or do they just fold and you have to manually open them? My brother just ordered a new Ram and they told him they have to be manually opened out? Really?
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    Question On Start Stop Engines

    On new 2021 Ram 1500's does the regular Hemi now have the stupid stop start function or is that still just on the V6 and electric boost models?
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    Another Fuel Tank Comment

    Its been discussed several times but I wanted to add this. I have a 2019 Ram and I ordered the larger gas tank. I had a 2013 with the larger tank and the gas gauge always read as the smaller tank, thus leaving 5-6 gallons in it when it reads empty. I could never find out if the new series trucks...
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    Why Can't Ram figure out how to put power folding tow mirrors on the 1500?

    Has anyone heard anything on Ram putting power fold tow mirrors on the 1500? Its ridicules that the 2500 has them and the 1500 doesn't. I know personally of two truck deals that went ford because of the mirrors.
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    Nav help question

    Hi, can anyone tell me how to make my 8.4 navigation stop going back to the default distance of like 100 ft ahead of the truck. I manually set the map distance out to a longer distance and after a minute or so it automatically changes back to the closest setting. I hate that not seeing what is...
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    Not impressed with my 8.4 Nav

    I find my Navigation really disappointing. My brothers ford Nav is much better. It does split screen on intersections, shows the correct path and sets at a 1/2 mile distance so you can see turns ahead of you. Does anyone know how to set the distance on the map so it will stay? I would like to...
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    What to do with a factory screw up.

    I ordered and recieved a truck about 10 months ago. I ordered it with a limited slip rear end. I have noticed a couple of times in the snow that one tire spins but 4 wheel drive gets me going. I decided to rotate my tires myself this time. So when it was jacked up I noticed that the rear tires...
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    Do you like your MDS?

    The MDS on my 2013 was a lot smoother than my new truck. Driving at 45 I both hear it and feel it jerk when i gently step on it. Sometimes it shudders slightly. Is there any dealer adjustment for that?
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    First start in the morning

    After my truck sets overnight when i first take off the truck has a lot of slack in the drivetrain. Like driving a stick shift. It jerks back and forth very noticable. After it gets to highway speed it is smooth for the rest of the day. Like the convertor is loose or partially drained. Anyone...