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    Navigation Subscription

    Question for those of you with 2022 Uconnect 5 Nav 12" system: The six month trial of the Ram Connect Navigation feature is expiring in a couple weeks. I called Connected Services and they gave me the price to continue the feature. They told me that without renewing this feature, I would lose...
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    Grill light hook up

    Just installed 3 grill lights but have not hooked them up to power yet. I’ll be using a relay and want to tap into the drivers side parking light for the trigger on the relay. Does anyone know what wire goes to the parking light? It looks to me like the white wire with brown stripe.
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    Uconnect Box Error

    Got a message on the screen this afternoon when I started the truck that said "Uconnect Error, Uconnect box needs servicing" I clicked "Ok" and the message went away. I went through every possible screen and app and everything is working perfectly. As a matter of fact, the entire system has been...
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    Sirius XM favorites disappearing

    When I bought my 2022 Rebel in October 2021, I was able to save favorite songs/artists while listening to Sirius. I would get a notification every time one of my favorite songs was playing on a Sirius channel. It worked great. Then in December when the truck did an over the air software update...
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    Widget Pages

    I added a second widget page to my screen. What I find now is that each time I start the truck, it loads page 1 or 2 regardless of what screen I had it on when I shut the truck off last. I would like it to always load page 1 and not randomly load page 2. Has anyone had this issue and is there a...
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    Backing up Sirius favorite songs

    After the latest OTA update, all of the favorite songs in my Sirius list disappeared. A trusted Mopar tech told me that you can back up the radios settings and favorite songs by using a USB drive. You can then re-load them into the radio after a software update. I haven't been able to find any...
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    2022 Uconnect 5 12" issues.

    Bought my 2022 Rebel 3 weeks ago and had the Uconnect system doing strange things ever since. Blue screen on the back up camera, No back up camera, system and navigation taking too long to load. Other times its instant. The truck came with the 12" screen divided into 2 screens, which was fine...