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  1. biznelison

    2022 RAM 1500 not starting

    Mine's been at the dealer all day. Last I heard from them they essentially said nothing is wrong but want to look at it more tomorrow. Any word on yours?
  2. biznelison

    2022 RAM 1500 not starting

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone has had an experience like this: Yesterday I shut my truck off in the driveway like normal. 10 minutes later I came out to drive somewhere and the truck would not start. The brake petal was impossible to press in. Remote start would not work. If I switched the...
  3. biznelison

    Uconnect 5 is much better but…

    Has anyone else noticed that it takes a longer amount of time to switch between radio stations with UC5 vs UC4?
  4. biznelison

    2022 Orders

    @Eighty Could you explain what exactly it means when your truck has a window sticker? Does that correlate to a window of delivery to the dealer? Thanks!
  5. biznelison

    2022 Pricing?

    I placed an order back in June for a 2022 1500. I was recently told by the dealer that the truck should arrive to them in a few weeks time (we'll see...). I still have not heard anything about pricing. Anyone have any guess as to what kind of incentives (if any) will be available for a 2022...
  6. biznelison

    Ram Trucks Reduces The Complexity Of Its 2022 Ram 1500 Lineup!

    Well that's potentially great news, thanks!. How would I check that and how do you download the build sheet?
  7. biznelison

    Ram Trucks Reduces The Complexity Of Its 2022 Ram 1500 Lineup!

    Hi all! I ordered a 2022 truck at the tail end of May, shortly after the orders were switched to the 2022 model. I put in for a 1500 Bighorn with Level 2 equipment and a few other options. One of the options was the Mountain Brown interior. Does anyone think there is a possibility of still...