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  1. Bionicbo

    Hood Vinyl Decal

    Wanting to know if someone knows a good place to get some quality hood decals, it's for a friends 2018 ram sport hood stripes.
  2. Bionicbo

    Hood Vinyl Decal

    Wanting to know if someone knows a good place to get some quality hood decals, it's for a friends 2018 ram sport hood stripes.
  3. Bionicbo

    Can Can with CAI

    I'm going to be installing a CAI in the near future and really like the S&B with clear top, I currently have a billet catch can installed with the Z bracket off the block and read somewhere that it won't fit with the S&B, I just want to know if anyone can confirm this and also if I went with the...
  4. Bionicbo

    aFe Cold Air, which to choose

    I've decided I'm going with a aFe CAI, I'm still trying to decide which to choose I like the looks of both the Momentum GT and the Magnum Force, just not sure if the enclosed filter on the momentum is worth the extra $$. Just want get peoples people's opinions on both. Thanks
  5. Bionicbo

    New Decals

    I just recently converted my badging from chrome to chrome mopar blue colour and love the look but now since I have the offroad package the offroad decal looks out of place being the light grey so I was thinking of 3 different replacement options that I wanted to start a poll on 1st option is...
  6. Bionicbo

    What to do first

    Need help with the dilemma that's plagued philosophers for decades, what comes first, intake or exhaust?
  7. Bionicbo

    Wheel Cleaner

    Looking for a quality cleaner and polisher wax for new wheels they are a painted matte black, I found a nice kit on customwheeloffset.com but I'm located in Canada so that's a deciding factor.
  8. Bionicbo

    Maintenance Tracker

    After a few requests, I thought I would share the app I use to keep track of all maintenance especially DIY, its recognized nationally and won't void any warranties from dealer if you do your own maintenance. https://www.carfax.com/Service/
  9. Bionicbo

    Oil Filters Recommendations

    Looking to see what oil filters people are using or prefer, I've always used napa gold but want to see if there is something better to maybe switch to. I'm running full sythentic.
  10. Bionicbo


    Hey Guys, new to the site and bought my first ram (black 2019 offroad package w/ sport package) I've done some minor add on's (tint all around, black side steps, hard tri fold) now I'm looking to up grade the 20" wheels, I plan on keeping the stock all terrian until they wear out. I'm thinking...