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    Oil change information

    I stopped by my Ram dealer to schedule an oil change for my 2021 Ram 5.7 and the service manager told me that I was lucky that the service wasn't for a ECO diesel because they had no oil filters for any Diesel engine vehicle. He went on to say that they were on back order with no estimated...
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    Bed Step versions

    Sorry about my rant about ordering a bed step, for what it is worth I didn't realize that there were 2 different generations of this step.
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    Bed Step versions

    I ordered the AF version through Amazon in early January with " 2 day shipping" It has never showed up. I have a tracking number Amazon lists UPS tracking however UPS claims they have no record of the pick up . Amazon says give it a couple of weeks and if it doesn't show up they might refund...
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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    of course that picture is from a low angle, taken from below the bumper. I imagine that a person standing or riding in a vehicle wouldn't see as much of the spare .
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    Finally got some E track in the trailer

    The trailer was ordered from Featherlite of Reno Nevada and was custom built in Montana. It is 16 ft long by 7.5 wide, spread axels for weight distribution, extended tongue by 1 ft. I built the shelf in the v nose for a storage / work space. It is also fully insulated, has LED lighting, 110...
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    Finally got some E track in the trailer

    I also have E track installed in my enclosed trailer, mainly used to secure my SxS. This E track is inlayed so the floor is mostly flat. I plan to install more on the walls for misc tie down points.
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    Custom Wheel

    I saw a picture of a Chevy Concept Vehicle that will be at the SEMA show in Las Vegas this month. It has really cool looking wheels. Does anyone know if these are available at this time or the manufacturer, and will be available for a RAM in the future? Just asking.
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    What was your interest rate when you financed your new ram?

    Early May of this year, I bought at 2021 Ram Laramie I got 0% for 72 months with Chrysler Capital after trade in valued at 17K. Credit score was over 800.
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    Put a bit of colour under the hood...

    Just a question, besides the 2 bolts in the front of the cover how is the back of the cover held in place? I thought that I had read somewhere that is was a real pain to reinstall the cover once it had been removed. I am thinking of adding a little color to mine and also do the letters. Any...
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    My ECO Diesel experience

    I think that the Eco Diesel was first offered in 2014 for the Ram and then it was discontinued in 2016 or 17 and not offered again for 2 model years, I assume to workout design problems. When I made the mistake with the DEF in the Diesel tank, the truck was worth more than double the cost of...
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    My ECO Diesel experience

    In 2015 I purchased a Ram BigHorn 1500 Eco Diesel from a dealer in southern Idaho. I live in western Nevada and do quite a bit of highway miles each year ( about 20K ). This truck had performed very well for us in spite of 6 or 7 recalls over the years. In march of 2020 when the pandemic was...
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    Clunk over bumps

    Thats exactly what I discovered, I had the clunk sound going over a speed bump also. I removed my heavy adjustable hitch when not actually needing it and wow the clunk went away. When actually towing one of my trailers, no clunk , because of the weight of the trailer on the hitch.
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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Looks great, now a question, if you had an emergency would your steel wheeled spare fit with those spacers?
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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Reflective Concepts.com is where I bought my overlays
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    which bed cover leer or bak??

    I had a BAK on my 2015 Ram it worked ok but took several rain storms to find and fix the leaks, new 2021 Ram Laramie has a Leer HF350 on it and so far no leaks and you can close the tailgate with the cover down.
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    Add-On CD Player

    I think that I would be interested in this player because we have a number of books on cd that we would listen to on long road trips.
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    AMP Research deployable running boards

    My 2021 Laramie had the factory chrome running boards, I removed them and sold them back to the dealer and then the dealer arranged to have the AMP Power Steps installed at Custom Truck in Reno. Installation and programing completed in a few hours . My dealer has gone out of their way to assist...