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  1. OldMarine

    Anyone else get an OTA Update today?

    Just downloaded it, was wondering if anyone knew what was in the update.
  2. OldMarine

    Have to laugh at what Toyota is doing to new Tundra owners!

    Was watching a youtube on the new Tundra,(no! not interested, just curious), and the reviewer was talking about how pissed everyone is that Toyota is going to charge a monthly subscription fee after an introduction period to...get this....OPERATE THE REMOTE START!! :p you gotta be freakin...
  3. OldMarine

    what's the tiny blue indicator light for on the tire pressure screen?

    Happy New Year all! Hey, every time I scroll to the tire pressure screen I see a little tiny blue indicator light on the bottom left that is on for about 3-5 seconds, then goes out, sometimes I think I've seen it on the right side too.....can't figure out what it's for. Anyone?
  4. OldMarine

    Water leak from sunglass compartment? Ughhh. Love affair over?

    Noticed a small puddle at bottom of center console. I have NO sunroof. Checked all headliner areas dry. No water anywhere in cabin except a dripping from sunglass compartment! Wtf? Dealer time I guess. Can only be one of 2 areas as far as I could tell. Either bad windshield seal, or shark fin...
  5. OldMarine

    Could I have the best 5th Gen AC system out there?...lol (temp pics)

    so we are in the middle of a heat wave here in MA. Temps in the mid-upper 90's with crazy humidity...took the RAM out and decided to see what the temps were on my vents. I am one of those who have a nice AC, with no complaints. first pic was taken while driving with Max AC on...second was at...
  6. OldMarine

    OIL CHANGE HACK!....No drips...not one!

    ok..did my first oil change on the Ram today...looked it over first underneath, and figured I would see what I could come up with to keep things clean. Did a mod to a little plastic scooper, and whaddya' know...worked like a charm. I mean, not one drop on the sway bar.
  7. OldMarine

    Middle front speaker swap review

    Got the " 3rd " infinity from a member here by splitting cost on a set..been waiting on the bench for 2 weeks. Finally threw it in today...WOW, didn't think it would make much difference, but it sure did! . If you've done the 2 outers....make sure you do the center. Marine Corps approved!
  8. OldMarine

    Proactive defense against water leaks.

    Since I had removed the 3rd brake lite to install LED's, I thought I would Flex Seal it as a peace of mind thing. Must say I do love my Flex Seal!
  9. OldMarine

    Trailer brake Control switch being installed tomorrow...$200 otd,(inc's flash)

    Got quoted $700 from Quirk Jeep/Ram , and $730! from Good Bro's both in MA...called the actual dealership I bought from, Premier RAM in Cape Cod, (it's 60 miles away, so I tried the 2 other closer dealers first), their price?....$150 labor, and $50 to flash. The labor rate is reduced from $140...
  10. OldMarine

    Cost to install T-Brake switch question...dealer said 7.0 hours? WTF? really?

    ok, I keep seeing a labor time thrown around on various posts here of like 1.2 hours or close to that for trailer brake control switch install . I have the OEM part already, so this quote is LABOR ONLY! The local dealer I called quoted me a price of about $700 to install. He stated the flash...
  11. OldMarine

    Kept mirrors folded on Hwy..MPG up by 20% !!!

    ...Only kidding!...would be nice though. Stay safe y'all. Semper Fi.
  12. OldMarine

    Center front speaker gurus...have a question for ya.

    ok, I did the 2 corner speakers using the Infinity reference 3.5's...now thinking, I might do the center. So I was back on Crutchfield looking at the Infinity's again, and it states: "does not fit center". then they link to "see what fits"..which brings you to a JL Audio C7-350 $389.00 each...
  13. OldMarine

    well...goodbye gas mileage...hello Pedal Cmndr....HOLY MOLLY!! Me-Like-ee!

    man...I installed it, and set it to "Sport Plus" on highest sensitivity..just to see the max it could do right out of the gate. Started up truck...touched...and I mean barely TOUCHED the gas, and I felt like I was gonna do a freaking wheelie!.little rubber got burned in the process....if you...
  14. OldMarine

    Don't forget to change those cabin filters guys....just did and WHOA!

    19,000 miles and that thing was gross!. bought this LTD used 2 weeks ago, so who knows if it was ever replaced, doubt it. Glad I did though..
  15. OldMarine

    Just swapped out my dash speakers for Infinity Reference REF-3032cfx....WOO_HOO!!

    saw a few threads on this, so I went for it. I have the Alpine system in my 19 LTD...pretty happy with it stock, but WOW...the clarity now is awesome. Highly recommend. Easy job. Posted my step by step photos. If you can change a light bulb, you can do this.
  16. OldMarine

    Anyone put a "Bull Bar" on a Limited? if so, pics please.

    was toying with the idea of a chrome bar, but most pics I see show it on a non-limited grill, with the bigger headlights. Was wondering what it would look like on a Limited?..hmmmm
  17. OldMarine

    Did a little undercoating today...anyone else have advice?

    ..did the spray can, rubberized stuff. Diff looks a lot better, was starting to get that surface rust look. Didn't go crazy though. Just the major areas, staying away from fittings, joints, electrical, etc..anyone else do this? Would like to hear what parts you did/didn't do.
  18. OldMarine

    Spooked a little by so many complaints here!

    Hi all, new guy Joe here...love this forum so far. Bought a 2019 Limited about 2 weeks ago. Absolutely in love with this truck, and flawless so far. Been wondering though, as I scroll through page after page, it kind of hit me that almost every other post is some kind of problem with a 5th gen...