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    Traction light/control?

    Apologies, because I’m sure this is something that has already been covered. I searched for traction, “traction light”,“traction warning” but didn’t find a reference to this… I’ve noticed it recently, since returning to my office.. when I enter/exit the highway via a circular ramp, my...
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    AMP Powerstep issue (recent install) - won't deploy after sitting for a few hours

    Hi all - Installed my steps a few weeks ago (self-install). Have worked perfectly since the install, zero issues, up until the last few days. Then Monday, when I was leaving work, they didn't deploy. Everything else hooked up to the battery was fine. Amp's fired up, etc. When I stopped at...
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    Tweeter orientation (in dash)

    Those of you who have replaced the in-dash speakers with tweeters, how have you tried aiming them, and with what kind of success? bouncing the sound off the windshield? Directly at each other (cross dash)? At some other angle (driver side at passenger headrest and vice versa)? Since...
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    Question about UCAs for 6” lift

    I’m not 100% sure what I need to do here, so hoping for some clarity… Currently, I have a 3” front/1“ rear level, and replaced the stock UCAs with the Rough Country ones when I had that done. I’m going to be having a 6” lift installed in the next couple weeks, but now realizing that those...
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    Alternative to Rockford Fosgate DSR1?

    Doing all of my due diligence for stereo upgrade (Alpine system, 12" Nav). Currently planning to add 2 amps, a 4 channel to run the dash and doors, and a mono to run a sub enclosure. Will be replacing the speakers as well, but that's beside the point. I was originally planning to use the PAC...
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    LED/Illuminated Door Sills

    Has anyone recently installed these, and been happy with them for 5th gen? I tried searching, found a couple older threads, but nothing definitive. I'm looking for a stainless option, preferably. Something like this, but this is a Billet, and only goes up to the 2014 model
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    Never lifted a truck - How far to go.. 2", 4", 6"? (I'm asking for trouble here)

    2021 2WD Bighorn, V6 Etorque, and I'm definitely not planning on doing much, if any, off-roading. It's just for aesthetics. Originally, I wanted to keep it stock, but, I've decided I want some lift. But, I have no idea how much, or whether if I only do a little, if it will be enough, etc...
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    2021 w/ Alpine stereo - switch dash speakers, or no?

    Hi all. I’ve been diving into all the stereo threads today, and reading so much info, it’s starting to make my head spin. Just when I thought I was going to get the 8ohm speakers to switch mine out, I read that the Alpine system has a dedicated channel, so they are only 2ohms. So, kept...