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  1. Usmc041127

    22 limited 4x4 3.92 gear fuel economy

    Mine isn't doing to bad considering the weight of the truck and the terrain in the midwest. Seems like 65 mph is the sweet spot for mine. The computer is off on mine. Figuring it by the pump its 2 tenths off per gallon to the good. I'm pretty content coming from my 16 ram 2500 diesel with 3.42...
  2. Usmc041127

    The magic box

    Has anyone tried these. Curious if they work. https://trymagicbox.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=paid&utm_campaign=16496709973&utm_content=134524473735&utm_term=&gadid=586268306878&gclid=CjwKCAjw3cSSBhBGEiwAVII0Z4dJwoMVt-SYzopFagThrzhDE4js-RoIOjThQhZsucTwdjpaSc0R8BoCIMcQAvD_BwE
  3. Usmc041127

    Safety chains connections

    How are you guys hooking up your safety chains. There has to be some sort of shackle that makes it simpler. I have larger hooks on my PJ trailers and it's proving to be a pain in the *** to connect them.
  4. Usmc041127

    22 limited floor all weather matts

    Has anyone taken delivery of their 22 limited? I have a limited 10th anniversary coming in soon. I am curious what floor matts come in them. I usually replace them with a good all weather matt. I have not seen what they come with. What are you guys using?
  5. Usmc041127

    How many miles did your new Ram come with on the odometer

    I am curious how many miles are typically on a new Ram when you order one. My Toyota Tacoma had 3.
  6. Usmc041127

    The new guy

    What's up? Diehard Ram and Toyota person. Just ordered a 10th anniversary limited today. Was shocked to find its a lot less expensive to order a truck than it is to buy off the lot. Saved about 6k on ordering a new one exactly how I wanted and saved money vs buying off the lots. I have been...