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    windshield washer fluid light won't turn off

    When it went off it was low. Now that is full it won;t turn off. I never noticed before but is there a float I should see that is just hung up or something that needs to go to the dealer?
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    AA and UConnect issue

    I just bought a new USB CABLE and tried everything. I am on a Pixel 6 with all current updates. I keep getting device not supported. Phone tells me to try another outlet or cable. I am in a 2019 model that is up to date. Anyone else having issues? Sent from my Pixel 6 using Tapatalk
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    Pics of V1 on a blendmount

    If you have a V1 mounted on a blendmount in a 5th gen. Please post your pics. Trying to decide want I want to do! It seems they used to sit a lot closer to the bottom of the mirror than they do now. Thanks!
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    Blendmount for 2019 1500

    What is the correct PN blendmount for a 2019 Laramie, I have a V1. Their website is confusing. Thanks!
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    Father son projects

    Looking for ideas for Father son projects on the Ram 1500. All of my maintenance is paid for by work, so that is out of the question. We will be installing rear wheel liners this weekend. What else can we do besides wash and wax? Thanks!
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    Uconnect location vehicle finder, Can a thief disable

    A friend of mines Chevy was stolen last night. They were able to disconnect OnStar. This made me wonder, if that was easy to accomplish on the UConnect 12" systems. I am sure anything is hackable but this was done in under 10 minutes.
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    1500 Laramie Sport, ORP, need 6'8" clearance

    I travel to downtown Houston a lot and my life will be a whole lot easier if I can maintain 6' 8" parking garage clearance. Anyone have this same dilemma? If so, what is your set up? What would you recommend? I don't want a spacer. That would leave Bilsteins or Fox Tire Size I would also like to...
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    Power sliding rear window question

    Is it normal for the cable to move up while you are opening the sliding glass? It just makes a loop against the big square plastic piece that is attached to the driver side of the moving glass. I never noticed it before but it made a noise on Saturday that drew my attention to it. TIA!
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    Back ordered 2019 trailer brake controller

    I purchased my truck on 10-23-19. A factory trailer brake controller was ordered that day. I am now being told this is back ordered until 10-20-20 and I probably won't get it then. Any one else here of this issue and is there anythign I can do to get one sooner? Yes, I could go after market but...
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    Auto AC setting Hurricane force blower

    Anyone else have their AC blow at MAX for an extended period of time startly after starting the truck. It is like a hurricane. It goes on from 5 to 10 minutes. I park in a concrete parking lot. I notice it stays in this mode until the OAT sensor reads below 85*. I think this reading is the...
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    1500 Battery dead (acted like a dead battery)

    Ran errands in town for a few hours today. Everything was fine. When to back truck into garage, truck started normally. Before I could get in garage power steering started sticking and truck stuttering. Pulled up evic and said 15.7 volts but the voltage was lit up in red. Battery light was on...
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    Extended warranty

    I have never purchased an extended warranty. Due to the amount of electronics on my 2019, I am considering one. It has to cover that 12" screen. Can you guys point me in the right direction to start my research? Yes, I am using the search button now. I also know someone posted by one online but...
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    USB album art?

    Does anyone see album art when playing music from a flash drive or just USB symbol? If you are seeing album art, how did you get it to be recognized? Thanks!
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    Fuelly not updating

    Fuelly isn;t updating in my signature when I post in a thread. When I go to my signature to edit it, it is showing correct mileage. Any idea what is wrong? Thanks!
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    Set up USB drive for music

    Fixing to dump music to a thumb drive. My current library is set up Artist then albums of that artist. Should I dump each individual album onto the thumb drive. Or Can I leave them in the folder the way they are set up? I also have a bunch of soundtracks under a folder named various artists? DO...
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    12" screen and blocking Sirius channels

    On my 2016 I could block channels I never listen to so I didn't have to scroll through all of them. Is this another thing that has been abandoned on the new system or am I blind? Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
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    Bakflip Fibermax, UC Armor Flex, or Solid Fold 2.0

    Having trouble making a decision, I hope you can help. Between these 3 what would you pick and why? Fibermax con: leans aginst cab pro: fiberglass top Armor Flex: I dont know if the Line X coating is a pro or a con. It is still over an aluminum panel and I think would be prone to denting. Pro...