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  1. Usmc041127

    Can the hemi run on e15?

    With big brother allowing for e15 blended gas to be run all summer what are your thoughts? I haven't seen it here locally where I live. I don't believe I have ever ran it in anything I own. What are the pros and cons? I am fearing it will drive up the cost of corn along with the cost of gas...
  2. Usmc041127

    Why did you choose Ram?

    I went with a Ram because it was the nicest one on the market currently. Typically I would buy Toyota. Never have issues with them. But this is the first year if the new generation and I just don't like anything about the looks or interior. I love my Ram even though they can't figure out how to...
  3. Usmc041127

    22 limited 4x4 3.92 gear fuel economy

    Mine isn't doing to bad considering the weight of the truck and the terrain in the midwest. Seems like 65 mph is the sweet spot for mine. The computer is off on mine. Figuring it by the pump its 2 tenths off per gallon to the good. I'm pretty content coming from my 16 ram 2500 diesel with 3.42...
  4. Usmc041127

    The magic box

    Has anyone tried these. Curious if they work. https://trymagicbox.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=paid&utm_campaign=16496709973&utm_content=134524473735&utm_term=&gadid=586268306878&gclid=CjwKCAjw3cSSBhBGEiwAVII0Z4dJwoMVt-SYzopFagThrzhDE4js-RoIOjThQhZsucTwdjpaSc0R8BoCIMcQAvD_BwE
  5. Usmc041127

    Fuel Rebel 6 & 275/60/20 Pirellis

    How much do they stick out. Im looking at them and the plus 20. I think its the only options. I'm assuming the plus 1 is 1 centimeter or 1 millimeter.
  6. Usmc041127

    An Engineer's Ultimate Guide To 3.21 VS 3.92 Axle Ratio

    I always thought overdrive is any final gear ratio higher then 1:1. Perhaps I am mistaken though.
  7. Usmc041127

    An Engineer's Ultimate Guide To 3.21 VS 3.92 Axle Ratio

    Engine's have a power band and torque band. The easiest way to explain it is like your old 2 stroke dirtbike Engine's. They have a specific RPM power band. Any more and any less RPM and they didn't have much power. A camshaft has a specific profile to have an RPM range that it at its strongest...
  8. Usmc041127

    An Engineer's Ultimate Guide To 3.21 VS 3.92 Axle Ratio

    I wonder if there is a difference in the hp and torque in the different rpms. Maybe the one gear or the other is in a higher power level at 70 mph just because of the power band in the engine. One would have to look at the hp and torque curves to see what is the optimal gear and speed is for the...
  9. Usmc041127

    Should I have gone with the 12" screen?

    I have had it to the dealer twice now. They just say there is an update coming for it.
  10. Usmc041127

    E Torque - Auto stop and start

    Mine shuts off at stop and refires when I let off the brake. I like it and didn't really take any getting use to. Its my first engine like this.
  11. Usmc041127

    20x9 295/60 ... 0 or -12 offset?

    I am in the same boat as you but mosty just want the fuel rebels. I have an OEM size set of General Grabber ATX I ordered for the truck before it came in. I am trying to figure out the right size fuel wheels to get. I'd like it to be the same footprint or just a smidge wider. These are what I...
  12. Usmc041127

    An Engineer's Ultimate Guide To 3.21 VS 3.92 Axle Ratio

    Do they get a little better fuel mileage broke in more? Maybe at a different cruise speed? I know my wrecker 60 to 65 is the sweet spot.
  13. Usmc041127

    The Stellantis Hurricane Is a 500-Plus-HP Straight-Six Hemi Replacement

    I don't really look for hp ratings in truck engines. Torque is more important to me.
  14. Usmc041127

    Should I have gone with the 12" screen?

    I have the 12 in mine. After having it and use to the 8.4 I wish I had the 8.4. Its simpler to navigate. Also I am aggravated that the weather app doesn't work and they haven't been able to figure out why.
  15. Usmc041127

    An Engineer's Ultimate Guide To 3.21 VS 3.92 Axle Ratio

    My limited with 4x4 off road package was ordered with the 3.92. I love the truck and still getting use to it at 600 miles now. I run it in aero mode. I am a bit disappointed in the 3.92. I live in the Midwest and it downshifts on most inclines on the highway. I haven't towed anything with it yet...
  16. Usmc041127

    How many miles did your new Ram come with on the odometer

    My truck came in Wednesday. It had 17 on the clock.
  17. Usmc041127

    Safety chains connections

    How are you guys hooking up your safety chains. There has to be some sort of shackle that makes it simpler. I have larger hooks on my PJ trailers and it's proving to be a pain in the *** to connect them.
  18. Usmc041127

    Start of 2022 Production.

    I know the one with the mft is in the center and the other is on the drivers side.
  19. Usmc041127

    Start of 2022 Production.

    Just wondering, does the off road technology come on all the limiteds or just with the ORP? I knew the rebels had it but wasn't expecting it on my truck. I don't recall it listed as part of the ORG. It's kind of neat but probably never really use it. Was surprised mime had it.
  20. Usmc041127

    Start of 2022 Production.

    The deal is done. They honored the agreed deal 9/11. No haggling or high pressure extras selling. Just paperwork. I had to leave it there. It's beautiful in every way however there was some sort or epoxy on the drivers side back corner. Presented itself as a paint flaw. The GM picked at it and...