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  1. Jhill

    Chirp/Squeak Noise

    If you slightly ride the brakes while going over that same bump, it will probably not chirp. Thats what I noticed with my 2019 Rebel. Just "play" in pads to calipers when brakes not applied. Turn stereo up or add exhaust system...lol
  2. Jhill

    Advice on BORLA exhuast system s-type

    I thought you got rid of your truck like a year ago. Sounds like really customized now. I use to kid you about all the exhaust systems you had tried before buying a new stock one. :cool:
  3. Jhill

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Here is my similar Rebel.....Fuel 18" with factory Duratrac tires (air suspension in entry/exit mode first pic)
  4. Jhill

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    The Hellwig rear sway bar makes a big difference in making truck feel planted on corners and uneven pavement.. Mine is a Rebel with air suspension and I mounted with the stock links in stiffest hole. I read that you want the arms of the sway bar as close to parallel to road surface as...
  5. Jhill

    Key Fob distance

    ......also is a way to hit on those classy Walmart women shoppers in their pajamas.....drawn to your dance skills like flies to poop.....lol
  6. Jhill

    Key Fob distance

    ......yes it works but it made most of my hair disappear from doing it too much. I'm sure it was the cause.... :unsure:
  7. Jhill

    Official Flame Red Thread

    WWW.ReflectiveConcepts.com has several colors and they even added a new color option for me as the original red they offered was orange ish. Make sure you request a match to flame red I think PR4 is code ??? Maybe call them or email.
  8. Jhill

    2019 RAM 1500 hellwig swaybar

    I installed 7709 on my Rebel. If you are lifted, you may want to replace your stock fixed links with the adjustable and beefier Hellwig ones. The bar is most efficient when arms are parallel with ground. I reused the stock links and they work fine and are close to parallel to ground and...
  9. Jhill

    Borla Touring System comparison vs Stock

    There is a trick to improve the Magnaflow cat back alignment to bumper! If you take a big pair of slip joint (sometimes called water pump) pliers and force rubber block that hanger rod goes through in direction exhaust tip needs to move (basically get block to slide on rod) , then while...
  10. Jhill

    2019 RAM 1500 hellwig swaybar

    If you ever have someone do something stupid in traffic and have to make an evasive maneuver to save the truck, you will see how controlled that Hellwig bar makes your truck. I had someone change lanes directly alongside me and had to make a quick move over to wide shoulder and was impressed...
  11. Jhill

    First tow with 2019 Ram 1500

    I suggest you read some of the forums about the Hellwig rear sway bar. It makes a big difference for stability to have a beefy solid bar instead of the hollow lightweight stock bar especially when towing. All positive remarks from members. It has 3 settings but the firmest is usually the...
  12. Jhill

    How's your mileage?

    Just got back from a trip from central Oregon all highway and got a solid 20 mpg with a Rebel hemi with 3.92 gears and 33" duratracs! I was a happy camper ! 6800 miles on it. Had to go over Mt Hood pass on way so not all flat and did 55-70 mph. Best mileage yet!
  13. Jhill


    I love my Magnaflow cat back on my hemi Rebel. I have had this exhaust on since December and it has a nice throaty growl without the pop/rasp/bark some of the others have. When cruising it can be quiet at low rpms ....yet get on it and it makes you feel like a kid with a hotrod. Very little...
  14. Jhill

    Chirp/Squeak Noise

    I have a chirp from left side when going over 1" drops like delaminated missing pavement. I thought it was from front wheel area and I have Rebel with air suspension. I assumed maybe swaybar bushing squeaks. I only hear it if window down so figured it isn't a big deal as I hate to let dealers...
  15. Jhill

    UAW to strike at midnight tonight at GM

    ......Maybe if they kept lights low and could drink beer all day they could put that Aztek/Edsel front end together without puking.......:ROFLMAO::oops::rolleyes::giggle:
  16. Jhill

    Hi all!

    Nice rig! Mine is 8.4 screen/nav and 9 speaker stereo as that was only available options back then. (y)
  17. Jhill

    Why so many black wheels?

    Here is a black with milled accent Fuel wheel on my Rebel with stock Goodyear 33" Duratracs
  18. Jhill

    Hi all!

    Welcome! Sounds like you did well! These trucks are very impressive. I've had my red Rebel for over a year now and 6700 trouble free miles here in Portland, Oregon. (I'm a retired old fart) Add some pics and description of your new rig. :cool: Just got back from Eagle Crest golf trip in...