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    2019 RAM 1500 5.7L - Hard shift 3rd to 4th?

    I recently just started experiencing a hard shift issue from 3rd to 4th gear only. It revs high and then shifts hard into 4th. The weird part is that I’ve only noticed it on the first cold start of the day so far. Once it does it the first time the shifting issue goes away. I only started...
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    Cracked tail light

    Anyone else had a cracked tail light issue? (See image) I noticed on my trip home yesterday that my driver side tail light had been struck by an object and has a nice crack in it. Sadly, it's a 2019 Laramie with Blind Spot and Cross Path detection so its quite expensive to replace. The...
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    Tire Chains

    Curious on the tire chain question myself. Anyone have any recommendations or preferred chains? 20” wheels here.
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    2019 ram 19 speaker harmon kardon stereo

    Anyone have the TSB for this? I too am underwhelmed at the loudness of the stereo. It sounds “OK” but at 38 I would think it should be much louder. I’ve never went to MAX on any stereo I’ve ever owned.
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    DIY Oil Change Shopping list for the 5.7

    What mileage did you guys do your first change? I’ve heard 500mi / 1000mi - 5000mi. I was thinking of changing at 1,000 using Pennzoil / Fram Combo then switch over to Mobil1 or Royal purple at 3,000-5,000. Edit: just found the other oil thread. Seems to be all over the place as it’s a...
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    Integrated Trailer Brake installed on 2019 Ram Limited with Uconnect 12"

    Mind sharing how much they charged for your install? I was quoted $600.
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    Working on a deal now. Here’s what I’m looking at. No trade-in. Decent deal? 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie 4x4 Crew. 5.7L Hemi 20” Wheels Level 2 Package Advanced Safety Group (ACC) Leather Trimmed Seats MSRP $56,720 OTD $46,051 (6% sales tax Etc included)