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    Is there a way to enable the backup/surround view camera when in Drive?

    I am able to select "Back up camera" when going forward on my screen on the bottom row. I do it all the time when in Drive pulling into my garage to see when I am in all the way. I dont have the surround cameras, just the back up camera.
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    2021 screen problems, SiriusXM, etc..

    I wonder if all these radio/screen swaps that still don't work is reminiscent of issues I saw back in the year 2000. At the time I owned a 99 Pontiac Trans Am. The radio volume control was electronic. Much like our RAM dial volume control. What was happening was these would fail and the...
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    How does uconnect know where my vehicle is?

    I'm more worried about the chip I got injected with along with the covid vaccine.
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    ram power running board 2020

    When the door is opened, that side deploys FULLY all the way down in 2 seconds. What do you mean 30 seconds?
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    Dead battery

    I got tired of my OEM battery issues. Slow cranking after leaving sit for 5 or 6 days. Dead one morning for no apparent reason (charged and ok after that). I was getting ready for an extended trip so I bought an Interstate 94R AGM battery from an Interstate distribution warehouse in Sanford...
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    Buzzing sound when opening door (before starting) or just being around the truck with fob in pocket

    It is 100% the truck self-adjusting the rear. I read in the manual somewhere that the truck adjusts itself for a "better looking" profile when parked. So what you are hearing is the truck either getting into this position or getting out of it. I hear it all the time as well as you describe.
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    Uconnect 12 Issue - No Sound/Sirius Doesn't Load

    I second this emotion!! As far as we all have known for quite a while, there is no way to do a soft reset with any button sequence on the 12 inch radio. HK or not HK. Not sure what difference that would make for a soft reset anyway.
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    Wireless charging pad flashing red - SOLVED

    This has probably already been said, but to charge wireless, I have to position a phone oriented in portrait with the center of the back of the phone in line with the battery symbol you see on the charging pad. To charge two phones at the same time, one can be on the right side with the cable...
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    2020 Ram Limited 12" screen will not turn off

    OP did you try: With visibility to the sky, disconnect the neg battery terminal for 30 minutes and LEAVE THE TRUCK ALONE Reconnect the neg battery terminal after the 30 minutes and wait a full hour. Again LEAVE THE TRUCK ALONE Try your luck. This vehicle wide system reset can fix a multitude...
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    Uconnect 12 Issue - No Sound/Sirius Doesn't Load

    I'm thinking no. I park under a large roof at work and lose the sat signal whenever I am under it. I shut off my truck like that and leave it off all day. When I return, the signal is still lost but as soon as I clear the roof, it comes back immediately. I also remember it asking me if I...
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    Weird 12 inch screen issue.

    What two buttons do you hold down to reboot? Never heard of this.
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    PPF horror story - don't be like me

    That redefines the word horrific. So sorry to see that. I really hope you get them to pay for the repairs. Although with all the painting you will have to get done it may never be the same as new unfortunately. I would try to get my money back for the job and then the cost of restoring to...
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    Check engine just came on

    Up to you but you could try just resetting to get rid of the light. Then see if it comes back. I had my light come on and I reset it. It came back two more times and I reset it each time. Now I haven't seen a check engine light in well over a year. Some will rag on me but I have never had a...
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    2021 Owners - How is your A/C?

    If I pull mine out of the garage on a 90+ degree day, the air is ICE cold. After letting sit in the hot sun with interior temps in the 120+ range it takes a little longer to cool down, but considering the FL heat, it does the job. I have never been uncomfortably warm in my nearly 2 years of...
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    Undercover Armorflex install / review

    Maybe you already know thisand did this but those drain pipes can go right in those holes on the side of the bed. I also have that cover but it has the bedrug material on the underside. I absolutely love it. Yours looks just great!!!
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    Chirp/Squeak from brand new Laramie Sport

    So I have had this chirp for about a year. I occasionally spray my brake clips on all four wheels with mountain bike stanchion lubricant. It happens on all four corners of mine as far as I can tell. Of course any wet weather washes away the lubricant so I end up doing this about every 2...
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    UConnect Bluetooth not working with Audio

    When I had issues with my phone, different than yours, the dealer paired a different phone and their phone worked fine. Then I paired mine again and it worked fine and has now been working perfectly for at least a year. So try a different phone if possible.
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    Woke up this morning to 3.2 volts on my battery.

    UPDATE - My battery has not shown any signs of discharging overnight or anytime else after the original time last Thursday night. I am writing it off to me leaving something on, or some malfunction in the system that a "negative battery terminal off for a half hour" may have cleaned up. Don't...
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    What color is this interior?

    You need to ask the dealer to try taking a better picture. There is so much glare that it is impossible to tell. Ask them to take a picture of the window sticker for you. That would settle it.
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    Woke up this morning to 3.2 volts on my battery.

    How do you check the battery voltage? Mine shows the voltage when I start it if I leave it showing the voltage but it climbs so fast to the charging voltage that I can’t see what the resting voltage is.