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    Looking for help with paint

    Trying to fix some curb rash. Anyone know the paint code for the outside outline color on theses 22s. Not the black color.
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    Updated 2" Mopar Lift/Level Kit - Discussion

    Does anyone know if the lift affects towing capacity?
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    Got in a fender bender. Need to replace front bumper.

    Does anyone have any experience/tips? Can I order a painted one from factory? Or is it possible ot bang out a couple small dents?
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    M&R light bar

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/293569226995 I’m eyeing this light bar on ebay. Has anyone installed this yet? If so is it the same process as the rough country 20”? And does the bigger light bar affect the safety sensors at all? Don’t know if there is a thread about this already but I searched and...
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    Lomax tonneau cover installed (pics)

    I’m looking at a lomax on craigslist right now. Anyone know if one from a 4th gen 5.7 bed will fit a 5th gen 5.7 bed?
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    In the Market for a tonneau cover. Need advice.

    Hello all, I recently bought a 2020 1500 Laramie sport. I want to add a tonneau cover. I’m kind of leaning towards a tri fold. What do you guys recommend? Should I go OEM? Should I stay away from the cheap ones on Amazon? Any advice is greatly appreciated.