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    rear lift shocks

    Going to be adding some rear spacers on the truck. Have the ORG, and putting on 1.5" spacers. All the shocks I can find say they are only for 0-1" lift on the rear of an ORG truck. What is everyone running for rear shocks if going over 1"?
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    Zone off-road UCAs

    I have an opportunity to pick up some Zone Off-road UCAs locally for $350. Just the UCAs. I already have the Bilstien 5100s set at setting #4 and 275/65/20 tires. Did a search, but only results were for full on lift kits, not just the UCAs. What are anyone's thoughts on the UCAs themselves...
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    TazerDT group buy

    Trying to see if we can get 10 more people to do a Tazer group buy. Discount will be $50 off as that's all they offer, but need a minimum of 10 people committed to get that discount. If you don't want to post, shoot me an email at [and I will compile a list to send to Z-automotive to get the...
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    racing sub forum

    Are there not enough people on here taking thier trucks to the drag strip to have a racing sub forum. Wanting to compare track time to other trucks and couldn't really find anything while searching other than guys who have modified thier trucks with custom tunes.
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    First Nebraska thread

    Guessing these regional forums don't get much traffic being at bottom of page. I'm in Omaha Metro area
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    New from Nebraska

    New to site, not to forums or Mopar. Will be picking up a 2020 Built to Serve Edition in Ceramic Gray as soon as it gets to my local dealer. Not sure of this is the same as most forums where Facebook groups have significantly cut down on the traffic, but it looks like there are plenty of good...