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  1. Georgf

    CAN Bus question

    I need to connect my aftermarket security alarm to CAN bus, the wires marked CAN-H and CAN-L. I know there is a CAN splitter under the dash driver side, but if anybody knows what type of connector i need and where exactly is CAN H and L?
  2. Georgf

    Storage for glasses

    Perhaps the only thing I miss after went from Tundra is the storage for glasses on the ceiling. In Ram it’s only for one pair of glasses, and rather inconvenient. Has anyone installed an additional holder, preferably also on the ceiling?
  3. Georgf

    12V power outlet for rear seats

    My Ram has only one 12V power outlet on the dashboard. If i need power on the back I really must get cable through all cabin from the dash outlet? Anybody know is there prewired point, I could add another outlet near back seats? Or i need install new cable by myself?
  4. Georgf

    Auto climat control install

    Anybody have installed auto climat control against manual? Could you say, what parts should i have besides the temperature control panel? And need i make changes with Alfaobd after?
  5. Georgf

    Full dashboard disassembly and take off

    I want to drag the entire panel with leather, for this i need to remove it and take it to the workshop. Has anyone removed the panel by themselves or watched the dealer do it? How difficult and how long to do it?
  6. Georgf

    Ram owners from Russia

    Hi everyone! Month ago bought 2019 Big Horn, and love it more and more with every day! I live in Russia, and here my truck is unique, peoples like it, but know nothing about repare and service. This forum helps me in some questions, but i will ask you again :)