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  1. Waterfowler41

    Tapatalk Photo Upload Error

    Anybody else getting an error when they try to upload a photo to the forum through the Tapatalk app? I usually have to try and upload 3-4 pictures in small or medium before one finally goes through. Once one photo uploads on a post I can upload as many as I want but it’s getting past that first...
  2. Waterfowler41

    Thank you...again!!!!

    Hey all, Been a wild last few months with my channel. Subscribers, views, and comments are increasing and I am doing my best to keep up with channel content while juggling work and family time. Hit another personal milestone a while back with over 500,000 views on my channel! Anxious to...
  3. Waterfowler41

    The best level for Rebels/ORP trucks - Bilstein 5100's

    Sharing my leveling kit journey in case someone ends up in the same situation as me and is looking for a permanent fix. 2020 Ram Rebel with factory Bilsteins. Long story short, a few months back I installed a 2" top hat style spacer. A few weeks after installing it, I noticed clunking when my...
  4. Waterfowler41

    Corsa Sport versus Corsa Extreme Catback (Factory vs Sport vs Extreme SOUND CLIPS)

    Alright folks, I just finished up my Corsa conversion video series. 1. Corsa intake, 2. Corsa Sport catback, 3. Corsa Extreme catback. The only difference between the Sport kit and the extreme is the extreme also replaces your front factory mid-pipe with a straight pipe thereby removing the...
  5. Waterfowler41

    Corsa Sport Exhaust - Before and After Sound Clips!!!

    Finished up the installation of my Corsa Sport kit the other day and had the chance to film some sound clips. If you want to see the installation watch the video straight through. If you want to see sound clips, skip to the 22 minute mark. The Rebel sounds like a beast! Next weekend I will...
  6. Waterfowler41

    Lamin-X Coupon Code (20%)

    Lamin-X set up a coupon link for my YouTube channel so figured I’d share it here with you all. This one is 20% off, pretty sure it works on all their products on their site but not totally sure. If anything the large rolls are off limits. Navigate through the link, copy the code, add what you...
  7. Waterfowler41

    Corsa Coupon Code

    Hey all, Corsa set up a coupon code for my YouTube channel so figured I’d share it here. The code is “Waterfowler” and will get you 5% off anything on their website including intakes and exhaust systems. Something is better than nothing these days, enjoy! Thanks!
  8. Waterfowler41

    Chicagoland: 2019+ 2500/3500 Rams needed...

    Hey folks, a company local to me, Boost Auto Parts (tow mirrors), is on the hunt for some local 2019+ 2500/3500 to film some installation videos and test some products. They've been looking for a while. They are looking for 2500/3500 w/o tow mirrors (I know rare) but also trucks with Ram tow...
  9. Waterfowler41

    Motofab DR-2 Kit - 2020 Ram Rebel

    Installed the DR-2 kit from Motofab on my Rebel last week and wanted to provide some thoughts. This kit should give me 2” of front lift. Installation: The overall process is straight forward, the upper ball joints can be a pain but with a big enough hammer they’ll pop out eventually. Video...
  10. Waterfowler41

    Waterfowler41 Channel Milestone - ProClip Collaboration

    Hey all! A few weeks back I met up with the folks at ProClip USA in Madison, WI to film an episode for their ItFitsMe series on their Youtube channel. The series spotlights ProClip users and their rides. In one video they talk with a guy who's losing track of all the Dodge Vipers he's owned...
  11. Waterfowler41

    How to: Install Core 4x4 Rear Lower Control Arms

    The following is a quick walk-through of how to install Core4x4 lower control arms. Even if you are just replacing like for like, this walk through will apply. I installed some fixed length lower control arms on my 2020 Ram Rebel the other day. These will beef up the rear suspension and...
  12. Waterfowler41

    Where did you go with your Ram today?

    Figure it was time to start a thread for you all to share where you Ram has taken you! Did you tackle a crazy trail? Hit up a hidden fishing spot? Load up a huge haul from Costco? Not to be confused with the "What did you do to your Ram today thread? this one will gives us a central location...
  13. Waterfowler41

    Where did you go in your Ram today?

    Figured its time we start a thread not about what you did TO your Ram but what you did WITH your Ram today! In this thread, share pictures of where your Ram took you today! Did you head out fishing? Tackle crazy trails? Drop the kids off at school? Share your photoesq
  14. Waterfowler41

    How to: Installing PML Differential Cover (9.25" diff)

    Here is a quick run through of how to install the PML differential cover for 2019+ Ram 1500’s This is part number 9518 and fits the 9.25” rear diff. https://yourcovers.com/diffcover_9518.php 1. Before starting this project make sure you look in your manual and very the correct oil based on...
  15. Waterfowler41

    Thank you 5th gen-ers!!!

    Just wanted to pop in and say THANK YOU! As some of you may know I have a Youtube channel (if you didn’t, now you do!) where I fumble through installation How To videos for parts on my truck. This weekend I recently hit the 1,000 subscriber mark which is a pretty awesome milestone. I started...
  16. Waterfowler41

    Thanks all!

    Hey all, First and foremost I hope everyone is staying safe out there. Just wanted to let you all know a couple days ago I hit a personal milestone of 275k+ views and 500+ subscribers on my Youtube channel! I still have a ways to go before I am even remotely comparable to some of the other...
  17. Waterfowler41

    Wet Okole Seat Covers

    In this video I install the Wet Okole seat covers on my Ram Rebel. I’ve had wet Okole covers in every truck I’ve owned. That are durable and do an excellent job protecting the seats. As always, subscribers are super appreciated!
  18. Waterfowler41

    How to: Removing OEM exhaust without cutting and installing Kooks Catback (step by step with pics)

    How to remove the factory exhaust WITHOUT cutting and install the Kooks catback system on the 2019+ Ram 1500 trucks. I bought this kit for a few reasons. First and foremost, its T304. I have owned several 304 kits in the past and swear by them in the salt belt. These kits last. Yes 409...
  19. Waterfowler41


    Hey everyone, just joined the forum, been creeping on the Ramtrucks.com forum for a while. I run a YouTube channel than until a few weeks ago, was primarily GM truck related but I traded that recall nightmare in for a new 2020 Ram Rebel which means my YouTube channel is shifting to the Rebel...
  20. Waterfowler41

    Deezee NXT Running Boards

    Hey fellas, here’s a quick video from my YouTube channel walking through the installation of DeeZee’s NXT running boards on my 2020 Rebel. I’ve got a ton more videos in the pipeline for this truck. Looking forward to share then with you all! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk