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    Leveled Laramie with Rebel Suspension

    Just finished installing rebel suspension minus the rear springs to level my Laramie. Also added 1/2” spacers to the front for a 1.5” level. Really happy with the result and ride quality of the Bilsteins. Good budget way to level and get bilsteins.
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    Paint Color Match Reflective Concepts Vinyl

    Looking to paint my tow hooks to match my reflective concepts grill emblems. I have their standard red color. Has anyone else found a close match to the color with spray paint? I went to a couple stores but didn’t find a close enough match.
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    Anyone Using Streetrays 1.5" Front Leveling Kit

    Curious if anyone is using the Streetrays 1.5" leveling spacer. It is a lot cheaper than the maxtrac. But reading reviews makes me nervous. Seems like he eaither gets 5 stars or 1 star based on google reviews. Not looking to get a 2" so options are limited. Any before/after pictures? Here is...
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    Stock Sub Upgrade

    Hello all. I am by no means an audio expert so if this is a dumb question please don’t taunt me ha. I have upgraded the 3.5” speakers to kickers and am very happy with the result. It got me thinking if there is a plug and play subwoofer that is the same kind of swap. Keep the stock amp and...
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    DIY Chrome to Black Exhaust Tips for Under $20

    Like many others I am not a fan of chrome. I wanted black exhaust tips but spending 125 for a used OEM set or $400+ for aftermarket just was too much for me. So while I was plastidipping the hood emblems I decided to give the exhaust tips a go. They looked ok at first but after a couple months...
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    Front Air Dam Removal

    I am not a fan of the front air dam/valence. What’s the point of having a truck with 6” of clearance in the front. Always find myself catching them on snow in the winter. I searched around looking for pictures and information around issues with a dash light if the active air dam was removed...
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    Multi Function Tailgate and Tonneau Cover

    I have been reading through threads about putting a tonneau cover on a MF tailgate bed and haven't really found the answer I am looking for. With the corner brace it seems that the only cover that works is the gator hybrid. I have also heard some people have modified the bracket or the cover. I...
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    iBoard Flat Running Boards

    Has anyone installed the iBoard Flat style running boards? I have seen some of their other styles but not those specifically. Looks pretty nice for the price but haven't been able to see them or get real feedback anywhere. Link for reference...
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    Clear Coat Bubbling

    Just took delivery of my 19 last week. Been slowly looking o er the truck and noticed the front drivers side fender alignment was pretty bad. Seems like a lot of that going around. But upon further review noticed some clear coat bubbling on both sides. Anyone else have this issue. Already...