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  1. My1stHemi

    12in Uconnect Navigation Issues - Automatic Directions Without Driver Input/Request

    I had my GPS/Radio unit replaced under warranty a month or so ago after the truck thought it was 250miles away from where it actually was. Just this last week it has developed a new error: every time I start the truck, the factory NAV comes up with turn-by-turn directions to my office. I...
  2. My1stHemi

    Tazer has voided my warranty

    I just got a call from the service advisor that said my truck now has a locked VIN due to my Tazer DT. Anyone else have this problem? In now have a broken truck and no warranty. Not pleased.
  3. My1stHemi

    Plastidip Experiment

    I recently bought a set of 18” takeoff rims to change out my 20” rims and oem tires for 35’s. My intent was to color match the new rims but rather than paint, I chose to try a matte anthracite plastidip wheel kit from dipyourcar.com Prep work is everything when painting so I cleaned the wheels...
  4. My1stHemi

    How to disable Sirius Location Tracking

    I’ve read previous threads, but today I noticed I was still getting “song playing” pop-up messages from Sirius which has expired in September. I went into settings and all buttons are “grayed out” and it appears that location tracking is on again by default, but I had this off when it was...
  5. My1stHemi

    6 Door Quad Cab Spotted

    I spotted a custom 6 door 4th gen on google earth ;)
  6. My1stHemi

    4-corner Leveling with Air Suspension - Camping Setting

    In preparation for this camping season I just pulled the trigger on a Roof Top Tent and was thinking about how I will level my Ram when we find a suitable campsite. Rather than have to pack leveling ramps, does the 4 corner air suspension allow for auto leveling at all corners? I know it...
  7. My1stHemi

    Cooper AT3 XLT - 285/75/18

    I found a clean set of 18in Laramie rims on CL for under $400 last week and then got a set of new oversized coopers mounted. So far I really like this tire. I’ve had coopers on my 3rd gen Cummins and had such a good experience that I decided to give them a try on this new truck. These tires are...
  8. My1stHemi

    Softopper Exoskeleton(Adarac)

    After having a Leer canopy on my last truck, my DT was an opportunity to try something new for cargo protection and family recreation/camping. Over the last year I explored what flexible solutions might exist on the market and after considering a lot of options(which included custom...
  9. My1stHemi

    Replacement Tail Light Options LED with Blind Spot

    Someone backed their travel trailer into my truck yesterday and broke my tail lamp lens. I see that there are two types of LED lens options, with or without blind spot sensors. My sensor is fine, can I retrofit a less expensive LED tail light with my sensor? Prices for LED tail lights range...
  10. My1stHemi

    RAM Sliding Tool Box and Mods

    So a few weeks ago I scored a used OEM siding tool box on Craigslist. For my birthday my wife bought me the factory bed rails to complete the install. When I got the box home I cleaned it and adjusted the latches as well as using a self etching primer to prep for rattle can bed liner coating...
  11. My1stHemi

    Oil Analysis Results

    I ran an oil sample on my second oil change and here are the results. This was Rotella Gas Truck Oil 5w20 with a bottle of Lubeguard Biotech moly additive. My friend who runs this service for our shop/fleet said the copper being high is not of concern and is normal for new engines. It’s not...
  12. My1stHemi

    Blue puff at startup

    Has anyone noticed blue smoke at startup? The other day after my truck had sat for two days(abnormal) I hit remote start and noticed a puff of blue smoke. It wasn’t like a 2-stroke but it still caught my eye. I’ve just rolled over 10k and change my oil with synthetic(Rotella GTO) every 5k with...
  13. My1stHemi

    12” nav - Active Noise Cancellation(ANC) tick/feedback

    I have mentioned this in another thread but my ANC has an issue where I get an annoying feedback or ticking sound in my rear passenger overhead speaker. I don’t notice it from the drivers seat but when you sit in the back seat it is awful. I sometimes use my enormous back seat as a mobile office...