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  1. EugeneYYZ

    What is that ???

    On YouTube I found this , who has idea thwart it that ??? 2021 limited 10th edition
  2. EugeneYYZ

    OIL consumption

    Hello fellas did someone pay attention how much oil you drain at oilchange , at the beginning it should be 9.5 Liters . after 8000km i got around 7.5 L to drain into measured canister . Friend of mine got the same problem after 10.000 km , drain around 7 L down at oilchange . My previous...
  3. EugeneYYZ

    Amazing leather work quality

    Got my limited 2020 with underarm rest lead with scratches on it . Dealer agree to replace for the new one . Ta daaam , what i got :
  4. EugeneYYZ

    Settings drops back

    Almost every second day my settings in Uconnect goes back to Miles from KM and fuel preferences in Sirius travel from Diesel to Gas . Any clues why it happens ?????
  5. EugeneYYZ

    New guy from Toronto

    Hello , here is my new one , 2nd Ecodiesel , ill call it Blondie :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::LOL::LOL: