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    Black Appearance package interior accents

    I have had my Bighorn with the Black Appearance Package for 8 months now. I noticed when I got it that one of the items in the package was "black interior accents". I have looked at many other Bighorns since then in various other colors, and I can't spot anything different in their interiors...
  2. 79 300

    Auto Dim mirror on/off question

    The auto dimming rearview mirror on/off setting is found under the controls page, along with the heated seats, steering wheel and back-up camera controls. When you press the dim mirror icon it switches from white to red. Which one is on and which one is off? I can't see any difference in the...
  3. 79 300

    Tow hook installation question

    I have tow hooks and the trim bezels on order for my truck. Today I crawled under the front to see how things looked. I can barely get my hands up behind the bumper to reach the bezels. Is there some trick in removing and replacing them to get at the nuts and clips? Someone on here must have...
  4. 79 300

    My new Bighorn is home

    I ordered my truck on 11-3-18. I didn't want the tow package, thanks to reading this forum. Almost every truck on dealer lots around here had it, and none had the anti-spin diff. , which I did want. So that is why I ordered one. It came in and we brought it home 12-26-18. Here it is in the...
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    Transfer case skid plate question

    I am interested in ordering the transfer case skid plate part number 82215267. All of the pictures of the part online don't look like what I was expecting. I would think the plate would be more rectangular, like the one on my Ram 2500. Could someone with the off road group, protection group, or...
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    Hello from Bucks county PA

    Hello fellow Ram owners. I just ordered a 2019 Bighorn yesterday and decided to join the forum. I had been reading it for some time, and must say it really helped. I never would have known some of the things to look out for, especially the tow mirror dilemma. I currently have a 2013 Ram 2500 I...