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  1. J

    Reverse lighting upgrade

    Understood. But how to get the black and red wires from both lights to 5pin plug white and blue wires? I could connect the passengers side lights to the 5pin, but how to connect the drivers side lights to the same 5pin when the wires are too short?
  2. J

    Reverse lighting upgrade

    Thanks. I want to attach the wires from the lights to a male 5 pin connecter and plug the male 5 pin connector into the female 5 pin, which comes with the curt 56584. Having a hard time visualizing how to connect both sets of light wires to male 5 pin connector. My apologies for the questions...
  3. J

    Reverse lighting upgrade

    The wires from the lights don't appear to be long enough to reach the curt adapter?
  4. J

    Reverse lighting upgrade

    Does anyone have video of install using either the Curt harness or posi taps?
  5. J

    Reverse lighting upgrade

    Thanks for the post. Did you posi-tap each light separately into the hitch harness?
  6. J

    2.5" Lift/Level - Opinion of my Selections

    How is the Bakflip MX4?
  7. J

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    My bad. The cargo lights turn off in reverse. Did you upgrade your reverse lights w/ the dd $90 LEDs as well? The stock lights in reverse are not bright enough
  8. J

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Which DD cargo LEDs did you go with, $40 or $90? When backing up at night, stock lights are not bright enough. What year is your truck? Any water leaks after install? Thanks.
  9. J

    87 or 89 Gas which do you use?

    89 Mobil always. $3.19 a gallon in Mass.
  10. J

    Post your Rebel pics!

    Hello - Are you stilling having slight vibration issue through your steering wheel when turning at low speeds? I have a 2021 rebel with 1K miles and I park in a parking garage everyday and when I turn left at under 5 mph at certain points of the turn I feel a slight vibration or know through...
  11. J

    Price negotiated from MSRP

    Massachusetts 2021 Ram Rebel Rebel 12 Rebel Level 2 Equipment group 5.7L V8 Hemi (non etorque) Rear Wheelhouse-Liners MSRP: $58,500 Sales Price: $47,000 (includes all rebates and incentives available) 19.66% off MSRP Thoughts?