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    If you bought a truck that's not a Ram

    AT4 with the 6.2. Wait, i did buy it lol. Love it. Tailgate and HUD is awesome.
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    Engine Cover Removal

    Just pull on it
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    lighter rims/tires. Picked up a set of 20” rims for my AT4 with nokian hakkapelikka studded tires. Total weight is 72lbs. 10lbs lighter per wheel compared to my 18” all season tires. 40lbs of rotational mass made one hell of a difference between gas mileage and performance. Truck takes off so...
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    Advice on BORLA exhuast system s-type

    Swap it out for for the touring or add in the option resonator
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    winter snow/ice tire

    I dont think they make happs in 22”. And tge reason i got those tires is because i bought a second set of rims for winter tires. They just happen to have a set off happ 7 on them.
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    winter snow/ice tire

    they are pretty noisy and rumbly on dry pavement. Still great traction though.
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    winter snow/ice tire

    Have the happ 7 studded tires on my at4. I bought them used and almost done so the get up and go and braking can be lacking but holy **** the turning and lateral grip is amazing. I was able to rip down a gravel road covered in ice at 95kmh without a sweat. Taking tight turns is a breeze with...
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    Clang on Start up!?

    yea i saw all those posts.i was able to duplicate the sound 8/10 timee with or without brakes while starting the truck myself and same amount of times remote start. It is time dependant ill give you that. It has to sit for awhile in order to do it. And its violent enough that it shakes the truck...
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    Clang on Start up!?

    has nothing to do with the brakes. Mine did it when i remote started it as well. I put a camera under the truck to record it and its the driveshaft spinning a few degree’s and locking up in the rear diff.
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    Rebel tires for winter

    I have the duratracs on my AT4 and they are pretty good. My first set of AT tires so cant compare them to anything. Normally i run dedicated winter tires but figured ill use these as my winters and ****ty continental all seasons for the summer. The duratracs do really well clawing through deep snow.
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    remove spare tire to increase payload

    think you are misunderstanding what he is asking. If your payload limit is 1400lbs and you take 75lbs of weight out of your truck, your truck now weighs less, meaning you can add 1475lbs of weight and still be at the 1400 limit. He isnt asking if he takes 75lbs out will the limit be 75lbs over...
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    Is removing the active air dam & active grille shutters worth it???

    on the other side of that, if you live in cold climate, you can have issues with water temps being to low If you remove them. In the case of my wifes equinox, it went into limp mode and lost all power because we drove from Edmonton to Las Vegas back to Edmonton in march. Because of us going from...
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    remove spare tire to increase payload

    Yes, if it weighs 75lbs, you just gained 75lbs of payload limit
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    AC is Cold, rear window/brake light doesn't leak, and I get great fuel mileage on my 4x4 3.92 E Torque 5.7L

    Why? I had my ram for 3 months and it was in 5 different times (no a/c from the day i bought it, loud metallic clunk, truck not detecting fob so it had to be towed in, rough idle/stalling and a bunch of recalls). 5 months after trading it in i got a call that the part for the a/c was in. Thank...
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    AC is Cold, rear window/brake light doesn't leak, and I get great fuel mileage on my 4x4 3.92 E Torque 5.7L

    Like wise. Its nice not having any issues. All i had to do is sell that piece of **** ram and buy a Sierra 1500 AT4.
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    A/C not very cold

    Yup. Bought my 2019, noticed a few days later the ac blew out nothing. Wifes suv had colder air then my ram did just by turning it to the lowest setting with no ac on. Brought it in, they said there is a recall which carried over from the 4th gen but the part was on back order. Did a trip to...
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    Dealership employees use my personal vehicle for business/joy ride

    Yea its ********. Alot of things don't require a test drive.
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    Dealership employees use my personal vehicle for business/joy ride

    Its common. Had a dealership do this to my SRT-10 when I bought it. They didnt detail it prior to me picking it up so i brought it back a few days later. When i picked it up after the detailing there was extra kms on the odometer, 1/8 of a tank. Of gas missing, tire shreds in the wheel well...
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    what are you going to do with your"Stimlius check"?

    Again, if you are working and get money from the government and spend it on mods or non essential ****, you dont need money from the government. Stop being a mooch. I’m Canadian and my family doesnt meet any of the criteria’s for any of the emergency funds nor do we need any. Seems like people...