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    Heated seats not very warm.

    I have a '21 Rebel (leather) and the driver seat definitely doesn't get as hot as my '12 Ram 2500. I always run it on high. The steering wheel however does get hot, which I like.
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    BAK MX4 vs X4s

    I can only speak to the MX4, as I have owned two now. Like someone previously stated, keeps out 99% of water (just some edge drip), has good load tolerance on top, and looks good. Only thing I had to replace in 5 years was some of the rivets popped off after a spirited load, BUT the repair was...
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    12 inch screen users

    I'm glad I got it, but now that I do, I wouldn't say it's a deal breaker. The layout on the 8.4 (or whatever) still looks clean.
  4. V

    Stiffer rear springs

    To the OP...if you want to try the Rebel rear springs/shocks you can have mine if you pay for shipping (from Northern CA). Shoot me a PM if interested.
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    Carli Performance with Timber Grove airbags

    Yeah, that’s what I was worried about. Guess I’ll have to look at another brand for coils.
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    Carli Performance with Timber Grove airbags

    Anyone run this setup or similar? I recently installed the Carli Performance 2.5 kit and am 1.5” low in the rear with an RSI SmartCap installed as well. So I figure I have three options….different springs, rear spacers, or airbags (which I already own, but haven’t installed). Just looking for...
  7. V

    Rear ended sagging (2019 Rebel)

    Sure does, but the progressive rate doesn’t mesh with the Rebel I guess. Carli released a statement regarding the rear stance on their website (for the Rebel) and will be releasing Rebel specific springs, along with”HD” springs in the relatively near future.
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    Rear ended sagging (2019 Rebel)

    I also have an RSI in the back and recently installed the Carli Performance kit. I'm 1.5" low in the rear...ouch. It looks terrible and am also considering new springs and don't want to wait for Carli to come out with theirs. Maybe spacers in the interim??
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    Upfitter Switches

    Why not just go switch a switchpros and call it a day??
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    Who buys upgrades before their truck arrives?!

    RSI SmartCap, Switchpros 9100, Baja Designs goodies, steps and rear airbags....all ordered before I took delivery.