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    Anyone have the Geno’s Garage Locking Dust Cap on a 2021?

    Does anyone have this locking dust cap on a 2021? www.genosgarage.com/product/ram-1500-locking-fuel-dust-cap/fuel-caps Curious why it would fit on a ‘20, but not a ‘21. What’s different? Thanks
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    Just got back from dealer for first oil change and alignment check. Opinions?

    I had my first oil change done at my local dealer and asked for full synthetic. The service advisor said synthetic blend was what was recommended. Told him no, wanted full synthetic, and asked if the “Premium Synthetic“ on the Mopar coupon was for Pennzoil Platinum. He had to call someone, and...
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    Shouldn't I have a cargo camera?

    I have a 2021 Limited with the Level 1 equipment group and the Technology Package. Shouldn't I have a cargo camera? I'm not seeing that option on my 360 camera view. Does the Tech package negate that somehow?
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    Just a heads up-Mopar Extended Service Plans Going Up May 1st

    In case anyone is on the fence, I just got an email from Zeigler that Mopar is raising prices May 1st.
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    What’s with salespeople these days?

    I’ve been toying with the idea of trading my 2016 Bighorn for a 2020 Limited. I built one on the Ram site, and asked for a quote. Local dealer contacts me thanking me for inquiring about a Bighorn. Went back and forth with salesperson via email, all she basically said was “Come on in”. They...