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    Mud flaps, which ones to buy?

    i know that this subject has been discussed in other posts but I’m looking for either a WT or Husky mud flaps that will fit my needs. I had Mopar flaps put on when I bought my Bighorn in October but they don’t work for the roads that I drive on, gravel and snow covered roads. I’m looking for a...
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    Going to order a 21 Big Horn

    Going to order a Big Horn 4x4 crew 6'4" box North addition, 5.7 hemi, LED lights, 20" wheels, BUG, bucket seats, blind spot, and 3.21. My biggest decision was the rear end. and painted bumpers. I was pretty set on a 3.92 but when comparing my F150 crew with a 5.0 and 3.55 the 3.21 was a good fit...
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    2021 Big Horn compared to 2011 Supercrew gear ratio

    Looking at ordering a 21 Big Horn to replace my 11 F150 Supercrew. I purchased 2 Supercrew pickups in the last 19 years and keep my vehicles in good shape, I still have my 01 with 205k in excellent shape. I know theres a lot of posts on rear end ratios but searched for my question and could not...