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  1. JP_Night18

    Quality of aftermarket running boards VS Mopar

    Just to throw my 2 cents here, I have the mopar matte black steps..4 years later and these have 0 rust anywhere on them. Look completely new to this day. On side note, my dad has a 2017 ram and bought one of those $200 chrome steps. His rusted a year later, especially on the mount area...
  2. JP_Night18

    Trying to pick Toyo ATIII size for 2021 Limited

    I'm looking it up. thanks a lot for the info. I found the XL but in standard 275/60/20. I wanted a bit more of an aggressive look, but I think these will be just fine. I appreciate the help! I didnt want to order this last week and regret it after.
  3. JP_Night18

    Trying to pick Toyo ATIII size for 2021 Limited

    thanks for the info ! The one's im looking at are LT E1 rated. I'll have to get the level lower then correct? Like I said, this is my daily truck and I use it to travel out of state to visit family. Staying close to my original mpg is a big plus.
  4. JP_Night18

    Trying to pick Toyo ATIII size for 2021 Limited

    I've been wanting to create a thread for something exactly like this. My stock tires need to go and I was thinking of toyo lll at 285/60/20. Your truck seems like the best visual i can get for my own truck and size. 4th gen ram here. how does it ride? I've read the lll's are a lot quieter than...
  5. JP_Night18

    Selling my RAM

    its a really nice truck you have there.
  6. JP_Night18

    Hello all

    my ram right now is 38 for the winter. am i doing it right ? Summer my tires are normally 35-36. 32 has always seem so low to me.
  7. JP_Night18

    Ram 1500 Classic Returns For 2022 With These Changes:

    I bought my truck last December, at $34,900 , 2018 Night w/ 24k miles. The 2019 used model was at $38k. Almost $5k difference at the table is a difference. The 2019 was fairly stock, no big screen, or sunroof, or any major bells. As we all know, the night editions come with plenty. So its...
  8. JP_Night18

    New guy

    the first ones i ordered had a really bad odor to it. it felt like they were sprayed with something. I tried power washing them and the smell didnt change. The other ones I had i returned them because they kept bending on the edges even though they were fitted for my car. The smell was there...
  9. JP_Night18

    New guy

    husky floor liners stink. I've had a bad experience with those when new and over time. Plus it was that California warning which freaks me out. Try weathertech instead. I have it on both my cars. Welcome to the forum!
  10. JP_Night18

    Finally found a good deal on a Rebal locally and got rid of my sedan as quickly as I could

    Congrats! I found my 18 red ram last December at 35k miles as well! No regrets, love it! Post more pics!
  11. JP_Night18

    Thinking about switching to RAM -objective opinions.

    I was planning on doing this before winter comes. How hard or what did you use to remove the oem strip off the light ? did you use plastic razor blade too ?
  12. JP_Night18

    New Member - New to Ram - New to Trucks!

    Congrats! Your truck will also be awesome during the winter!
  13. JP_Night18

    2020 Built To Serve Ram

    Do you get a huge mileage decrease from new tire setup ? I'm due for tires so i'm saving up for after winter. thanks
  14. JP_Night18

    2020 Built To Serve Ram

    Gorgeous truck!
  15. JP_Night18

    Anyone have a Tradesman with the Black Appearance Package?

    Welcome! I'd love to see pictures once you get it! I have the night edition but they're pretty similar.
  16. JP_Night18

    Hello from Chicago

    Welcome fellow chicagoan! Southside here! Take and post pictures whenever you can! Looking forward to how you're dealing with the brutal winter here.
  17. JP_Night18

    New Bighorn Owner From Central FL

    Congrats! Welcome! Take pics after those wheels are installed.
  18. JP_Night18

    First post. First mod.

    satin finish. i didn't want to wait months for a color one. But its fine because I'm saving up for the mopar intake ,so itl'll match perfectly with the M plate it has. Thinking of getting more small parts same color as well.
  19. JP_Night18

    First post. First mod.

    i sure did! lol came down to 160. I was considering mishimoto can for $200 plus tax and shipping. but this sale won me over. satin color with braided hose at $160 total.