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    Intermittent Thump/Thud

    There were threads in the past about a thump caused by gas sloshing around in the tank when not full. It happened when coming to a stop. My 2013 did it whenever it was below half a tank.
  2. 79 300

    1996 Dodge Ram 1500 “Indy 500” Special Edition With $1K Miles Is Up For Sale!

    My parent's neighbor had one of those trucks when it was new. I remember checking it out in their driveway.
  3. 79 300

    Anti spin or not?

    I owned one pickup without it in the past. If you pull out from a stop in the rain (especially going uphill) you will usually start spinning without the anti -spin. This was if in 2WD, which is most of the time. I would never buy one with the open rear again. The salesman will say it isn't...
  4. 79 300

    What options are a must and what are a waste?

    Make sure you order the axle ratio you really want. A 3.92 costs around $95 if you order it, but can cost thousands if you decide you need it later. Another thing that has caused many members here a lot of frustration is switching from tow mirrors to standard mirrors after realizing the tow...
  5. 79 300

    How many miles did your new Ram come with on the odometer

    I just checked the original paperwork. I ordered my truck (my name is on the window sticker) and it had 19 miles when we picked it up in December 2018.
  6. 79 300

    Anybody Park In a Normal Size Garage?

    Your truck is 232.9" long, which is 19.4 feet. It should fit. You won't have much room in front of it for a workbench, refrigerator, or much else though.
  7. 79 300

    Registration Fees

    I only pay $190 for a 2 year registration here in PA. We have the 2nd highest gas tax in the country though, so one way or another they get you. Right now 87 octane is around $3.35 around here.
  8. 79 300

    Gloss black handles on white truck

    Tradesman trucks have black handles. I think the black looks ok, but it gives it that Tradesman look.
  9. 79 300

    Difference between Steering Gear and Front Suspension Skid-plates?

    I believe you have figured it out. There are only 3 skid plates total.
  10. 79 300

    Underside noise, dealer can't figure it out

    Do a search on here for "front end clunk". There are lots of threads on this sound you are describing. The most common cause seemed to be loose sway bar end links. Others talked about cab mounts being defective. When I put tow hooks on my truck I checked the sway bar bolts since I was already...
  11. 79 300

    Green Lines Across Screen Backup Camera

    I had it happen once after a night of heavy rain. When I tried it a few hours later it was fine and hasn't done it since. This was probably over a year ago.
  12. 79 300

    feels like im pulling a trailer

    Sounds like you may have a brake dragging. Check to see if any wheels are unusually hot after driving a few miles. The other possibility could be something binding in the rear axle.
  13. 79 300

    Rear end bump

    Your truck is a 4th gen since it is a Ram classic. The 4th gen Rams were known to have a "bump" when coming to a stop if the gas tank was not full. I previously had a 2013 Ram and it did it, and back then the Ram forums were full of posts on the matter. It is caused by the fuel sloshing front in...
  14. 79 300

    Windshield Wipers suck.

    I have put Bosch Icons on our vehicles for years... many times within a week or so of buying a new vehicle.
  15. 79 300

    Will 2500 flares fit on a 1500?

    2500 is still a 4th generation body, 1500 is a 5th generation. My last truck was a 2500, and it is shaped totally different than the new 1500. I don't think they would fit.
  16. 79 300

    Weird whistling noise after I turn the truck off

    Mine does this when I had the AC on- I think it is just the system shutting down and re-setting. It has never caused a problem in the 2 and a half years I had the truck (bought it new). The truck is my daily driver and has 17000 miles. I read posts on here in the past about guys trying to get...
  17. 79 300

    Are the led healights worth the $1,000 upgrade cost?

    After seeing what people on here spent after the fact for LED headlights, taillights, fog lamps, wiring harnesses, and tearing apart the front end to do the swap, I think $1000 is a real bargain to get everything from the factory. When I ordered my truck most of the ones on the lot didn't have...
  18. 79 300

    What color is this interior?

    If it was the "diesel grey" interior the headliner would be a light cream color. If the headliner is black (which is actually very dark grey) the interior is black, which also looks like a very dark grey. Your interior is black by definition, even though it may not look like it.
  19. 79 300

    Misleading? It’s on me at the end of the day but still...

    When I ordered my truck the online build and price said I could not get the bed utility group or rear wheelhouse liners if I got the black appearance package. When the dealer tried in the showroom, it allowed both to be ordered. The website is is known not to agree with the actual dealership...
  20. 79 300

    Different Color Hood Latch

    Mine is white too, on a black truck.