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  1. SMS Limited

    Selling my 33x12.5x22 Nitto Ridge grapplers in So California

    I'm getting a 4" BDS lift installed on my 2019 Limited in a few weeks and I will be upgrading my tires to 35's. I will be selling my good condition Ridge grapplers that have about 15,000 miles on them, they still have a lot of life and look and ride great. I'm in Southern California in Rancho...
  2. SMS Limited

    Ram completely dead! Keys don’t work can’t do anything.

    2019 limited with 12,800 miles on it. Parked the truck one night and then the next morning the keys wouldn’t unlock the truck. Nothing worked at all, the manual key opens the door then the alarm goes off. Tried to disconnect the battery, then even disconnected the ECU hoping things would reset...
  3. SMS Limited

    Carven competitor Cat back exhaust installed on my Limited (with video)

    I went to Carven and picked up a competitor cat back for my Limited. I got it installed down the street from them and I was blown away! First of all let me answer a few questions that people prob have and concerns that I had before pulling the trigger to get this exhaust. I was concerned that...
  4. SMS Limited

    Does anyone make a rubber mat for the 5’7 Bed?

    Hi I’m looking for a rubber mat for my Limited to help with things sliding around. I have the factory spayed bed and it help everything stay in place. Does anyone know of one that is a available?
  5. SMS Limited

    Pull handle under rear bench seats?

    I noticed there is a pull handle located under the rear seats against the storage area, anyone know what it is for?
  6. SMS Limited

    Cheap intake upgrade o my Limited really made a difference.

    I’m waiting patiently till the mopar Ram intake is available but I found a cheap performance filter that really works and I noticed a few benefits from. I’ve had a few K&n filters, TRD, and other aftermarket CAI’s and this “cheap” one seems just as good in materials and build quality. It was a...
  7. SMS Limited

    blacking out the chrome on my granite crystal limited

    I’ve been thinking about blacking out the chrome on my limited, I did a quick render to visualize it, I’m wondering if anyone has actually done it or parts of it to see how it would look
  8. SMS Limited

    Testing out my new limited with 22’s off road

    Testing out the new 33”s on my limited found some cool backdrops
  9. SMS Limited

    Lomax tonneau cover and 33x12.5 r22 tires installed today on my Limited

    Hi guys I got some mods done today, I shared some pics of my tires in a different thread and then I eceived my cover and installed it so I thought I would share together in this post. Stock height just upgraded the tires on the stock 22’s to the Nitto ridge grapplers. Loving the Lomax cover...
  10. SMS Limited

    33 x 12.5 R22 ridge grapplers installed on Stock 22” limited wheels

    Just installed these on my limited works great with only a little rub when the steering wheel is fully rotated
  11. SMS Limited

    Went to get a Promaster, ended up with a new Ram Limited too!

    Join Date: Aug 2018 Location: Redlands, CA Posts: 2 I went to get a Promaster and ended up with a new Ram limited too! Hey guys, I was recently at the dealership to get another promaster van. While I was waiting I started checking out the new rams and I was so impressed I ended up gettin a new...