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  1. MilehighRam

    Sunroof tint?

    Anyone know of a tint that can be used on the sunroof?
  2. MilehighRam

    Too much for a half ton truck?

    Im looking to buy a "half ton towable travel trailer" within the next year. We're going to get a 2 seater side by side to store in it. Question is, do the numbers add up for my trucks configuration? the attached images are the weight ratings for my particular truck along with the specs of the...
  3. MilehighRam

    Snow day in CO 3/14/21

    Truck did great with Toyo AT 3s and off road 2 settings. didnt get stuck at all.
  4. MilehighRam

    Built in navigation not receiving gps signal

    We live in Colorado and went up to the mountains this weekend. We noticed the built in nav was a bit off and didn't show our elevation. Fast forward to today, and it looks like it's not receiving a signal from the gps (see pic). It thinks I'm in some ocean, which I assure you is far away from...
  5. MilehighRam

    Programmer for 2020 Ram that is more for options than performance?

    I seem to recall a device that allowed you to change various options (keep tow/haul, auto start/stop setting when turning on your truck) but cant figure out which one it was. Im ultimately trying to change my tire size, but if I could have a few more settings to play with for a bit more $$, it...
  6. MilehighRam

    Just pulled the trigger on a set of Toyo open country AT 3 285/55/R22 (updated w/ pics)

    Ive been debating on what tires and what size to buy since I bought my truck. Finally decided on the Toyo AT 3 as they'll be a good tire for winter driving in the Colorado Rockies. I know I'll need to do some trimming on the wheel well liner, but no biggie. Ive seen other trucks on here with...
  7. MilehighRam

    AC condensate not dripping

    Ive noticed a funky smell in my truck when the auto start/stop kicks back on and the ac is running. I read on this forum to make sure the ac condensate drain is dripping; mine is not. Ive put a rifle barrel cleaner up in there and nothing. I can feel cool air pumping out of the drain, but no...
  8. MilehighRam

    Anyone make sway bar disconnects?

    It doesn't look like there are any companies making sway bar disconnects for the 5th gen 1500s. Is there not enough demand, or does the design of our trucks not warrant it?
  9. MilehighRam

    Soft top camper shell?

    Im looking for a soft top camper shell for my short bed Ram. Seems like there's a few out there, but im looking for recommendations. My wife and I would be taking this up to the Colorado Rockies to camp a few nights here and there. ideally, it would have a screen mesh/window on the sides for...
  10. MilehighRam

    Received another Uconnect update yesterday

    I forgot to snap a picture of the screen, but it was something to the effect of quality of life improvements and other things. Cant find out what it actually did.
  11. MilehighRam

    Did some sound deadening to my doors

    Decided to put some CLD tiles on the metal of the doors then some 1.5 lb/sf mass loaded vinyl between the inner plastic and door skin. Sounds much quieter but still hear road noise that Im now certain is coming from the rear vents (this will be the next to be addressed). Took a few hours to...
  12. MilehighRam

    Did my own ceramic coating

    I decided on a DIY ceramic coating after reading all the reviews since I purchased my truck in October. Took about 15 hours over 3 days to complete. Ive got to say, Ive never owned a vehicle that looked so good! Most of the work was in the prep, and It sucked. When I was finished, my wife...
  13. MilehighRam

    Ceramic coating on glass?

    Ill be ceramic coating my truck with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light in the next week or 2. I have googled this but not found any definitive answers: can you put ceramic coatings on your windshield/windows? I believe you can, but would like to be certain.
  14. MilehighRam

    Paint Protection Film - Any DIY Input?

    Within the next few weeks Ill be ceramic coating my truck, myself. I noticed that the front bumper already has lots of chips in it with only 5000 miles. That got me thinking that I should at least apply some touch up paint and a PPF before the ceramic coating. Im really only looking to do the...
  15. MilehighRam

    Come along?

    We got stuck in a deep snow bank in the mountains yesterday. In lieu of a winch, are there any come alongs that have a good weight rating (for our trucks) that would be recommended ? I dont put myself in situations where I need a winch often, but would like to have a tool to get me out of a...
  16. MilehighRam

    Going to DIY ceramic coat soon

    Im going to do apply a ceramic coat myself when the weather warms up a bit. I know prep is key, and figure itll take a weekend to do correctly in my garage. I want to make sure Ive got the steps down correctly, along with the required materials. Here's the process as I see it now, let me know...
  17. MilehighRam

    Sad how few tire size choices there are for 22" rims

    The stock tires on these 5th gens seem sad; they dont look proportional to the wheel well/truck. Im looking to get larger tires (ones that do well in Denver weather) but are severely limited on anything in a 22" rim size. Im contemplating buying aftermarket 20" rims to gain more options. Sad...
  18. MilehighRam

    Backup camera & surround camera separate?

    When i go into reverse, I can either have the backup screen (which takes up half of the 12" screen) or a smaller version of the backup and surround (taking up the upper portion of the screen). is there a way to have the backup camera on the top half and the surround cameras on the bottom? Im...
  19. MilehighRam

    Anyone install a JL 13TW5 (slim) subwoofer behind rear seats?

    Has anyone install a JL 13TW5 (slim) subwoofer behind rear seats in a 5th gen Ram? Theyre very shallow <3" and could fit where the factory HK factory sub goes. Im not in a rush to redo my audio, probably at least a year out but am curious. Im selling my pair of JL 10W6V3s as I dont want to...
  20. MilehighRam

    Largest (tallest) tire on 2020 limited 22" rims (with air suspension)

    The tires that came stock on all Rams (at least the 3 I have owned) suck. Going to replace them with something else. I've always thought the tires look a little small, even for stock. What are the largest size that can be installed without rubbing or lifting/leveling kits? I'd want it to work...