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  1. rotts4u

    My 2019 Ram and ARE Topper in a magazine article

    As some of you may know I write magazine articles for a few RV publications. This article linked below is a recent one that involved my 5th Gen Ram. The topic is why a truck is the best vehicle to tow behind your motorhome...
  2. rotts4u

    AC is Cold, rear window/brake light doesn't leak, and I get great fuel mileage on my 4x4 3.92 E Torque 5.7L

    I have been worried about summer as I keep hearing about the poor AC performance but I live in the south and its plenty hot already here and my AC is cold. I haven't measured it but its plenty cold for me and passengers. Also my rear window has a shadow line for the crack at 6000 miles but no...
  3. rotts4u

    I bought my truck in October 2019 and drove it in the rain 3-31-2020 for the first time

    I have another car as my daily driver and after getting the Ram 1500 Longhorn I have only been driving it on nice weather days. 6 months later I only have 3100 miles so I finally quit that nonsense and drove it. Now I can see the crazy water beading of the CarPro Quartz Ceramic coating I put on.
  4. rotts4u

    Where do you find the Odometer/miles traveled in the NAV?

    I see some people are showing a screen on the NAV that shows miles traveled, average speed and several other data points but I cant find it on my 2019 Longhorn with the 12" NAV. Can someone tell me if that data is available on my NAV screen? If so how do I get to it?
  5. rotts4u

    Holy Smokes I love my 5th Gen Ram 1500 Longhorn

    I am likely older than many of you in my upper 50s and I just counted I have owned 7 different trucks in my life with 4 of them being Dodge/Ram. This is my 2nd 1500 and I had 2 diesel 2500s. I spent many months researching trucks and I drove literally everything before buying this one. It is an...