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  1. jimchi

    Auto stop/start trick

    I noticed recently that if you engage the parking brake when the engine is stopped via the auto start/stop system, the engine remains stopped. You can then remove your foot from the brake pedal. This is nice for when you'll be standing for a bit, but want the advantages of the start/stop...
  2. jimchi

    News feed doesn't refresh on main site

    FYI for the site staff: When I visit https://5thgenrams.com/ the latest news story doesn't show up unless I force a manual refresh. Happens in Chrome and Firefox. I'm not a web developer but I think there's a setting for browser cache expiration.
  3. jimchi

    RTFM: Read the F***ing Manual!

    First off I want to make sure everyone knows the title of this thread is made in jest. I mean this to be a serious discussion thread. So a lot of people in my life think I'm silly for reading a vehicle's manual. "I know how to drive a car, why would I need to read the manual!?" Well the answer...
  4. jimchi

    Rear Fog Lamps

    Rear fog lamp symbol So I just ordered a Limited last week, and one of the mods I'm interested in is rear fog lamps. For those who don't know what rear fog lamps are, the Wikipedia page on automotive lighting has a good summary. In short, they shine at the same brightness as brake lamps, and...