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    Rock takes paint off black front trim piece??? white underneath???

    Washed my new Built to serve and right underneath the front of the hood is a black matte black trim piece across the front. A rock must have hit it and when I sprayed it with the washer, it took the paint off where the rock hit. It is not a good look as the plastic underneath is whitish... I...
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    Fit and finish

    I did a thorough look over on my 2021 Built to Serve Billet Silver in the sun and the first thing I noticed was how much better the fit and finish was on this one vs my 2015 Outdoorsman. Even the Rambox doors are well integrated and flat across. I have seen some Rambox doors that were NOT as...
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    Best special edition quantifiable

    I'm wondering what is the best deal looking at msrp, what you get and what you would pay to piecemeal order. I have a Built to Serve. It's list of special edition add ons seem like a good deal. You get essentially the ORP, blackout package and things like the light package. I then see the Mopar...
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    Big Horn 3.5 TFT vs 7

    I had the better instrument cluster on my 2015 but the Built to Serve I wanted only had the Level 1 cluster and I was a bit worried since I was reminded of my 2013 basic 3.5 cluster in black and white. Well, after a couple months now, I'm OK with it. It has everything my old 2015 cluster had, is...
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    First tow 3.21 review

    This quick and dirty will expand when I get home. I have a 21 Built to Serve 5.7 with 8000 tow capability and 1300 payload. My trailer is 27.3 feet long 5700 lb, 600 lb tongue (dry). I'm 6800 and 810lbs loaded and right at payload running. I went from Helena MT to Spokane WA, 310 miles, two...
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    Android Auto Not working

    OK, I've read the other threads, bought the best connectors on the market, tried two phones got different results. On mine, occasionally it will seem to recognize it for a second and start to engage and then nothing with a message on the phone and then nothing. I've seen the Android auto app...
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    Vice Design hidden winch mount

    https://www.vicedesign.ca/collections/hidden-winch-mounts Has anyone done this on a 5th gen? If so, any advice one way or the other or what "accessories" to purchase with it and why? Alternative winches? By accessories, I mean clutch relocation kit and control box relocation kit.
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    RAM Fleet buyers website

    Interesting. https://www.fcausfleet.com/ramtrucks/1500.html This site actually has a slightly different focus from a marketing standpoint than the "consumer" based websites. You can find the answers to some questions you might have from a slightly different perspective than the Rah Rah, (buy...
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    KO2's Gulp...

    I had KO2's on my 2015. I loved them but not how long they lasted. At Costco, I could get them for right at 800 (when on sale 150 off) and some change installed (17 inch OEM rims). I just checked on what a set would cost on the 2021 with the 20 inch rims... They would be 1,108 bucks installed...
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    Is the "hemi tick" still a thing in the latest models?

    My 2015 developed the tick at around 40K. They fixed it under warranty. The next year FCA reduced the powertrain warranty from 100K miles to 60K on new ones. In year five, 65K miles both sides were ticking... Since I had the 100K warranty they fixed both sides one involving a manifold. At 75K I...
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    Dealer who specializes in 1500 tow vehicles.

    I have zero connection to this guy. Belzer Ram in Minnesota has like 20 2021 1500's obviously ordered for towing AND AT GREAT PRICES. If I hadnt already gotten one I'd be tempted to drive there. He does buy used ones but for the prices listed he specifies less than 75K miles. There are Big Horns...