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    Weathertech Stone and Bug Deflector

    Ordered the WT stone/bug deflector from CTA today. https://www.car-truck-accessories.com/ Had to call them to order it as it is not on their website. Part no is 50272 Price including shipping was $69 out the door. That makes it cheaper than ordering direct from WeatherTech at $60 + shipping...
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    Line-X or Rhino liner spray in

    I am gonna say go with Line-x. I've done the Line-x twice in the past with good experience. I just did a rhino liner on my new big horn and the quality is crap. I had the dealer do it for me before I picked up the truck. They left drips and globs all over the place, they did not prep it...
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    Best way to clean the stock rubber mats?

    Like the title says. What is the best way to clean the stock rubber floor mats? I keep getting the dirt and gunk buildup on em in the summer time. Don't think I will mind the winter slush but trying to keep it nice and clean when working on a job site is a pita! Suggestions?
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    Interior LED Lights swap out possible?

    Here is the link to the Fyre Fly website https://fyreflys.com/collections/5050-series-led-interior-light-kits/products/2019-dodge-ram-led-interior-light-kit-5050-series Here is the link to the ebay listing. I got it for $18.99 after making an offer...
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    Interior LED Lights swap out possible?

    Just finished installing the kit from Fyre Fly. Amazing! Went in nice and smooth. Thank you to forum member stepbill for posting the info on where each bulb goes, mine didn't have that info in the package either. Got a little confused doing the overhead console lights as I couldn't figure...