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    Thinking about jumping ship or a 2020

    Alright. So i traded my 2016 sport in for a 2019 due to the ****ty air ride system. Got my 2019 sport 3 months ago and have had multiple issues (why i decided to get the 1st year model of a new gen i have no clue). But like others my truck has suffered from no ac since day one, loud metallic...
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    Canadian Sport cleaned up

    Well the wife, son and I are getting ready to drive from Edmonton to San Francisco to Las Vegas, total distance down is 4057kms with a shorter more direct route home of 2407kms. Decided to clean/wash and detail the interior and exterior. Also topped the tank off with 89 octane, normally go with...
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    Nav way points

    Really wish there was more ways to select your routes on the nav system. Heading down to las vegas from edmonton, ab on friday and wanna take the coast, go through San Fransisco and eat at Neptunes Net. Had to add in a crap load of way points to stay on the coast. Wish I could have just...
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    Borla exhaust with optional resonator?

    Installed the Borla Atak exhaust. Love the aggressive tone but abit to loud for my liking. They have a optional resonator but the instructions say to cut out the oem resonator and replace it with theirs. Seems counter productive? Any suggestions the route i should take to quiet it down abit but...
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    A/C system recall

    So i brought my truck in for the restraint system recall and asked them to take a look at the ac system since it barely blows cold air old. Turns out their is a recall for the 4th gens that will be extending to the 5th gens. In my case the condenser has a hole in it or something that causes it...
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    Rear window smashed

    So came out to the truck last week and my rear driver side door was shattered. Glass was still held together from the tint and bowed out and impact was at the very top by the seal. Looks like someone tried to pry it open from the top, it broke, alarm may have went off and they took off running...
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    Nav guidance volume

    Anyone else have issues with the guidance. Mine is always full blast as default even if i go into settings its showing the volume is set to a low setting. I have to reset it to the desired setting to lower it. But now its up full blast and showing 0.
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    Did a little off roading

    Decided to see how my 19 sport could handle a sandy off road trip today. Handled pretty good with oem suspension/tires. Made it up one steep hill but tried to go up another, but it was to sandy and bogged down right before the crest. Overall im pretty happy. My buddy came out to with his 4th...
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    New rams come with bubble gum dipsticks?

    So not sure how i didnt notice this when i picked the truck up on tuesday. But decided to check my fluids at 1470kms and see how things are looking. Noticed my dip stick was sticking up. Pulled it out and out comes the stick with a piece of gum stuck to it. What the ****! Normally i dont get...
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    New Canuck member

    Hey everyone. Just joined the forum the other day. Traded in my 2016 sport with ****ty air ride suspension that **** the bed every time it got cold out, for a new 2019 Ram 1500 Sport. Due to a crap load of negitive equity, I decided to eliminate quite a few options I didnt NEED to bring the...
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    Gen4 seats

    Hey everyone, new to the forums. Just traded in my 2016 sport for a 2019 sport mainly due to the ****ty air ride suspension failing during the winter. Anywho, think i may have jumped the gun. I have a lower back injury from the military and my back is picky on seats. My 2015 lt and 2016 sport...