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    Screen Blue Color?

    I have seen numerous advertisements and pictures of the 12 inch NAV screen. I cannot find that on my truck. Is that a setting or an advertisement color?
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    No Customer Care

    I have a 2020 Ram Limited which came with a First Edition Owner's Manual. This publication, in my opinion, is worthless. Thru Customer Care I requested an updated manual. I received another worthless First Edition. I requested a updated 3rd Edition Manual and was told: "Thank you for contacting...
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    Spare Tire Lock Key

    How many keys did you receive for the spare tire lock? Thanks
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    Bed Extender Height

    I recently joined this forum since I traded my 2015 Ram Lone Star for a 2020 Limited. I saw there is a Bed Extender, P/N 82215724, which is listed for 2019 - 2020 Rams. Can anyone provide the height of this Bed Extender? I am looking at several tonneau covers and I am hoping this bed extender...