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    Let’s See Your Window Decals

    Sorry, the Limited needs a washing.
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    That last detail…

    I'd get rid of the dealer sticker first.
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    2022 Uconnect 5 Traffic and Weather

    and my 20 Limited.
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    So how many of you have renewed Uconnect?

    I purchased a 2020 Ram Limited last November. Next month my free SiriusXM Guardian subscription will expire. Today I received an off to extend the service for one year for $179.80 and I assume some taxes will be added to that. Last Monday we purchased a 2020 Subaru Forester Touring. It came...
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    2021 Ram 1500 Limited Night Edition

    Hope the Uconnect garbage is replaced. Or fix the current system! That's not happening!
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    UConnect does not update Weather Map

    I’ve had my 2020 Limited Truck since the end of November 2019 and only unsuccessfully had the weather map app work. Due to a shoulder surgery (69 years old and tried to ride a hover board – that didn’t work too well) and quarantines, I’ve been limited to my driving time, have 1690 miles as of...
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    Dashboard temp. readout

    The temp reading, on my 2020 Limited has been screwed up since I got the truck in November. Took it to dealer in January and was told the system is working correctly. As of today, it's stilled jacked up.
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    Need advice to remove adhesive

    WD40 worked for me.
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    Screen Blue Color?

    My Nav Screen now.
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    Screen Blue Color?

    I actually answered my own question. From Nav Screen>Nav Settings>Map Appearance>Map Colors>then there are six color choices. I selected "Techy" and now have a blue color screen including the roads. Looks good and the color is easier on my old tired eyes. Thanks for responses.
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    Screen Blue Color?

    I have selected the Limited Theme. I have a single line at top and bottom of the screen. The pictures I have seen show the Nav Map, including roads, blue.
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    Screen Blue Color?

    I have seen numerous advertisements and pictures of the 12 inch NAV screen. I cannot find that on my truck. Is that a setting or an advertisement color?
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    No Customer Care

    I had an app "My Mopar" which had the 2nd Addition Manual. I deleted this app and downloaded "My Ram" and that has the 3rd Edition loaded. Thanks for the info.
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    No Customer Care

    Hi Patsy, The dealer only has Edition One. Deer in the Head Light look when I asked about it.
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    No Customer Care

    I have a 2020 Ram Limited which came with a First Edition Owner's Manual. This publication, in my opinion, is worthless. Thru Customer Care I requested an updated manual. I received another worthless First Edition. I requested a updated 3rd Edition Manual and was told: "Thank you for contacting...
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    Spare Tire Lock Key

    How many keys did you receive for the spare tire lock? Thanks
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    Bed Extender Height

    Nice picture. Thanks for the info. I ordered the bed extender earlier. Again, thanks.
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    Bed Extender Height

    Thanks for the info. I'll be ordering a bed extender in a few minutes.
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    Bed Extender Height

    Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!!
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    Automatic braking concern

    With 249 miles on the truck it happened twice today. Started to back into my driveway and it happened the 1st time. I went forward a few feet and then started to back again. Same thing happened. Again, scared the stuffing out of my wife and I. Again, went forward a few feet and then backed up...