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    Registration Fees

    This is highly ignorant. Registration for my truck in Arizona for one year was over $1,100 when I first bought it. My second year was $1098. My 4 year old Honda Civic Type R was $349. I would love to have the cheaper registration.
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    2021 night edition third brake light

    Sorry for being absent from the thread, been busy replacing drywall in my garage. The tail light has been spoken for, ill respond to the direct messages I have. This is the cargo light at night.
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    2021 night edition third brake light

    You're right, theres only two screw holes, the two inner ones are replaced with clips. The foam gasket is definetly thicker on the new brake light and it feels like it creates a better seal. However, I havent washed my truck since the install so I can't say for sure lol There are cargo lights...
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    2021 night edition third brake light

    No error codes, the ram dealership I ordered from refunded me the money on the light. I was going to order another one but I am using this one till the new one gets in. This one just has a small chip in the corner. I would ship it to someone if they don't mind the chip for $150.
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    2021 night edition third brake light

    Thanks for that! I hadn't got around to looking for the cable just yet. I have Tazer DT so hopefully they have an update for that. if its just getting video feed from the camera, the button on the camera should still work right? even if I wont be able to get to it from the UC12 screen?
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    2021 night edition third brake light

    So I finally got the light in from USPS, but it was chipped on the right side. I contacted the Florida Ram I ordered it from so we will see what they say. I did do a test fit on the truck, its plug and play for the 3rd brake light and cargo lights. However, for the camera/mirror to work it looks...
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    2021 night edition third brake light

    I haven't received it yet, still waiting for it to ship.. Ill reach out to them today and see what the hold up is. Edit- Just called, they told me it arrived over the weekend to their parts department and they will be shipping it out to me today or tomorrow.
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    ACC/FCW Unavailable Service Required

    I had my FCW/LKA/ACC replaced at 10k miles, shortly after I had my front hub locker for my 4wd go out. My build month was 2/2020. I have to go back to the dealer tomorrow because they broke my sunvisor hinge so it just dangles from the cord. Fun times.
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    2021 night edition third brake light

    Just ordered the brake light, going to take pictures and see what I need to do in order to enable the camera.
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    2021 Ram Limited HUD in 2020 Ram Limited

    Didn’t see another post, so I’ll be putting this here as I research how to put the new HUD in my 2020 Limited. The new truck is using the Uconnect 4 system and the HUD is supposedly in the gauge cluster hood so it may be as simple as replacing that assembly then using something like alpha OBD to...
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    Transfer case being replaced at 22,000 Miles ?????

    Just had my front axle actuator replaced at 9600 miles. They tested the circuits on the harness and everything was sending properly. Tested the actuator and it didnt respond. Ive used 4WD about 2-3 other times not including 4WD auto. (2020 ED BE Limited 4x4 w/axel lock built February)
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    Limited with Active Air Dam...

    Just checked my 2020 Limited black edition and it has an active air damn too. Build date is 2/26. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Order Tracking

    Updated my original post. -Edit for 2/28 update. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Order Tracking

    Check that you get a VON (Vehicle Order Number) they get that when placing the order. If they say anything otherwise they probably didn’t place the order. I asked a few days after my 2/6 order for the VON and they didn’t know what I was talking about. I told them it should be given to them upon...
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    Order Tracking

    First post: Ordered 2020 Limited Black A.P. Ramboxes, MFT, Elocker, Ecodiesel and a few other things. 2/6- placed order with dealer 2/11- dealer actually places order 2/19- Parts sequenced, build scheduled, estimated shipdate 2/26 2/25- Frame 2/26- awaiting final inspection and then it will he...