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  1. J

    Best product for removing caked on bugs?

    Hey guys, after a summer of living and driving the Iowa countryside, my truck's front end has a ton of stubborn caked on bug guts. What is the best product out there for removing this mess?
  2. J

    Best e-rated ATs for folks living on gravel

    All, I'm looking for recommendations from the gallery on the best e-rated (10 ply) AT tires for folks living on gravel. I've narrowed my search down to the old classic BFG AT KO2 and General Grabber A/TX. However, I'd love to hear some first person recommendations on other models that guys...
  3. J

    Impressed with mileage

    My brother and I drove to MT from Iowa for an elk hunt last week. With a medium load on the way out and fully loaded on the way back, we managed 16.7 mpg over 2,650 miles. This included significant mountain driving. My cruise was set on 85 once we hit SD on the way out, and 89 for most of the...
  4. J

    Disconnect battery?

    All, headed out to MT for 7 day elk hunt next week. Truck will be parked at trailhead for 7 days, and evening temps. will be in 40s or lower. Should I unhook battery to prevent it going dead while we are in the bush?
  5. J

    Plastidip or PPF for rock chips?

    Looking for guys' opinions on whether to use PPF or maybe plastidip for rockers, leading edge of quarters, and other areas vulnerable to rock chips. I live on gravel and its a certainty that I will eventually get some rock chips. Wanting to see if anybody has any experience using plastidip for...
  6. J

    LT 275/70/18 Nitto Terra Grappler AT G2 (33.2")

    Has anybody installed these or any other 33s on 19 Limited? Any rubbing issues in normal or aero mode?
  7. J

    Rock chips on rear fender flares

    Has anybody else on here that lives on or drives a lot of gravel noticed significant rock chipping on the leading edge of the stock rear fender flares? My truck has air ride and Ram mud guards with 22s, and I would love to know if others have seen this and what can be done (other than mud...
  8. J

    22' for 20" swap

    I am interested in swapping out my 2019 Limited 22s for the 2019 or 2020 Laramie premium 20s. My understanding is that they are a direct swap without any offset issues. Has anybody done this already AND is there anybody interested in my wheels/tires? It has Goodyear Forteras on it with very...
  9. J


    Hey guys, I'm looking for a decent tri-fold cover for my 2019 Limited with 5'7 and Ram box. Anybody have any experience with these covers? The reviews and price sound good.
  10. J

    New 5th Gen

    I just traded my 4th Gen 2015 Ecodiesel in for a 2019 Limited Hemi VVT with 5'7 Rambox.