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    3rd brake light leak VS. cracked frame

    Update: So we had a hard rain yesterday and the window did not leak. So it took replacing the full back window and the 3rd brake light. I the 3rd brake light had to be an updated part as they first to just wanted to silicone it in and I would not let them do that as that is not a factory fix. So...
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    3rd brake light leak VS. cracked frame

    I just took it to the dealer today and they told me they have a revised part that should fix it. They are installing that now. I will give an update if it fixes the problem after the next hard rain. Thanks everyone for the suggestions and I may have to fix it on my own down the road but not why...
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    3rd brake light leak VS. cracked frame

    Has anyone had the dealer tell you that the fix for the 3rd brake light leaking is to silicone it is place? My story, I had a leak and took it to the dealer under warranty and they replaced the back glass. After that it leaked again and took back to them and they said it was the 3rd brake light...
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    AC blows on windshield = foggy

    I also have the same problem every morning. I have the 2019 new stile RAM. I just rented a 2019 classic Ram and it does not do it. Has anyone been able to get this fixed?