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    Throttle controllers...

    The 9-Drive claims to "improve cornering performance"! Thats pretty impressive from a throttle controller! 😂 😂
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    Front Skid Plate

    Anybody find a vender yet?
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    Updated 2" Mopar Lift/Level Kit - Discussion

    Is yours Crew cab or Quad? Mopar says the kit won't fit quad cabs. I installed one on a quad with no problems, others here have also.
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    Don't order from AmericanTrucks.com

    80% of my truck accessories have come from autoanything. Never one single issue. And if you use the chat box on their website they will typically lower the cost of whatever you are purchasing.
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    A new Tazer DT group buy

    Is this over?
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    Good-bye, my Ram is sold, new toy in the driveway.

    Congrats on your new car.👍
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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    That garage/shop is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Edit, I could better judge you're truck in the future if you had a different backdrop! 😂
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    CCTV accident video

    Looked like he was aiming at the poor fella. :oops:
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    Updated 2" Mopar Lift/Level Kit - Discussion

    Sorry if I missed it, why are you removing the Mopar lift and going with a different brand?
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    Trash can recommendation?

    No Idea, just a stolen pick from the interwebs.
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    Trash can recommendation?

    It's a Ram. She's not away from one of these long enough to warrant a special bin in the cab...:) I just throw it in the center console and toss it when I gas up. Though I don't eat cheeseburgers in the truck either.
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    B2 fabrication rusting tips

    Not surprised they are taking care of it. I've purchased 3 systems with them. Anytime I've sent them an email with a question, I've always got a quick response. I Stripped a clamp out (probably do to user error). Matt sent another out right away at no charge.
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    Invoice is the New MSRP

    Thank you! Exactly why I asked regarding the phone #.
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    Invoice is the New MSRP

    How were you able to get email addresses? All I see is chat which is typically someone from a different country asking for a phone#.
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    Favorite Song/Artist Question

    The "favorites" for the 12" is definitely a downgrade to the 8.4 that was in my 4th GEN. Another thing I hate is after a couple weeks with the 12" I filled my "favorites". While in my 4th GEN I was still adding favorites 3 years after ownership...
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    Post your Rebel pics!

    Nice truck!
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    Post your Rebel pics!

    Totally get your frustration! I'd be frustrated too. What was awkward is you telling a new Rebel owner "hope your truck doesn't overheat!" in a "Post your Rebel pics" thread with nothing else said. If you don't see the awkwardness of this...I'm sorry. Hope you get you get it figured out...
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    Post your Rebel pics!

    LOL! Why would he run into overheating issues?????