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    IHC Suspension

    I have one installed. Not sure I would do it again. The kit is probably the worst kit I've installed, and I've done many on GM's. Be prepared for no instructions or tech support. The rear shocks they send are too short and will break. They couldn't even get the "D" and "P" stickers right on...
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    The Crowdsourcing Inventory Search Thread

    Don't bother looking for a 2wd Laramie in PA, VA, NJ, OH or NY. I had to go to NC to get mine back in November, maybe things have changed in the last couple months..... The OP didn't list where he's located
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    Aftermarket brake controller

    Here's a link to a factory brake controller on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2019-2020-Ram-1500-DT-New-body-style-Mopar-Trailer-Brake-Controller/352810105944?hash=item52251efc58:g:xO8AAOSwmxVdkkzh I bought mine from them. It worked perfectly after the dealer flashed the computer while I was...
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    If you're having USB issues...

    Just an update, in a good way... Ever since getting the OTA update to NOGL 19.43.xx CarPlay has worked every time I've tried it! Waze has worked every time. I can save Pandora stations on SiriusXM as well, and they are different that the saved Pandora stations on my phone. Still not sure if...
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    N0GL Software Update Thread

    So far so good on my CarPlay actually working! I've connected my Iphone twice and CarPlay has started automatically twice! I don't know that it's done that since I've owned the truck. Hallelujah!
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    N0GL Software Update Thread

    Image of my screen with update.
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    N0GL Software Update Thread

    I’m on NOGL and received my OTA update to 19.49.13 tonight. I don’t believe I’m using the trucks WiFi. My drive to work is only 5 min or less, so I don’t think it’s something that the truck has to driven for any extended amounts of time for the signal to “find the truck”. My screen prompted...
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    If you're having USB issues...

    My local dealer agreed this time that they need to replace the media hub, but of course they didn't have one in stock.... And now that our dictator, errr- I mean governor, has decided that all non essential businesses must be closed indefinitely, who knows when the part may be delivered and...
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    If you're having USB issues...

    Mine worked 4 of the 7 hour drive home from the dealer. Stopped to get some food and gas, it quit working. Wasn't a big deal was I didn't really have any long trips planned in the near future. When I was getting ready to have the oil changed at 3,000 miles, I added the trailer brake control...
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    Favorite option on your RAM?

    1) ASG / 360 camera 2) 104 mph cut off ;) (my '11 Sierra cut off at 92 :sleep:) 3) 12" screen and ability to do a split screen with Nav and Media
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    Any East Coast Discount Dealers besides Koons?

    Yep, I found the same thing with Kernsville. Waste of time. They kept changing their numbers, both on trade in value and price of the 2019 Laramie. The best I could do after 3 hours was 18% off. Next dealer I went to was John Heister in Sanford, NC. First number was 20% off and then they...
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    *UPDATE* $250 Rebate on ALL New Rams

    Received a tracking number for my check yesterday. Guessing I'll see the check today or tomorrow. Quick recap, purchased the truck Thanksgiving weekend. Applied for the Bonus cash the following Monday, received confirmation a few days later. A week or so ago, received an email that the check...
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    2019 Ram Laramie Elec. Brake Controller issue...

    I just ordered the kit on eBay.... Brake controller link
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    Jump Start pack Portable Car Jump Starter

    I have this one from Harbor Freight: https://www.harborfreight.com/lithium-ion-jump-starter-and-power-pack-62749.html. If you watch the ads, you can get it as low as $59.99 I've used it to start my daughters Cadillac V6 a couple times
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    Pics of your lowered Ram

    JWiens19Hemi Guessing that's the IHC 3/5 kit? Looks good. I've got a Granite CC 2wd also
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    *UPDATE* $250 Rebate on ALL New Rams

    Mine was submitted and approved the Monday after Thanksgiving. Received an email today that the check is being processed and will be sent soon. So about 7 weeks so far.
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    12 inch Screen blackouts after going in reverse

    I had the screen go black after putting the truck in reverse. Literally the second time I drove the truck on my way home from the dealership. I didn't reset the radio. I didn't unhook the battery. I only drove the truck home 7 hours. After the first gas stop, the Sirius half of the screen...
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    Not sure where in NC you are at, but I bought a 2wd Laramie at John Heister CDJR in Sanford over the weekend. I got 24% off sticker. Negotiation lasted less than 45 minutes. Ask for Ethan Moody, he was my sales guy. Tell him Dan Baker, from PA referred you to him.
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    Regonal Rebates

    Yep, I ran into this when buying my Laramie. I couldn't find a 2wd Laramie in PA, MD, VA, OH or NJ. So I had to go to NC to buy. Weird part was on a Quad cab, I would loose $1000 for the Mid Atlantic vs Southeast. But on the Crew Cab, I was $2000 more than the Southeast..... I ended up...