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  1. EugeneYYZ

    News on a tune?

    as far as i know ECU should be blanc or from your truck :unsure:
  2. EugeneYYZ

    What is that ???

    i think so , but i want 100% sure about it /
  3. EugeneYYZ

    What is that ???

    from this year it stays at the same place as with MFT , i guess , but i am 100% sure this step completely different with previous edition
  4. EugeneYYZ

    What is that ???

  5. EugeneYYZ

    What is that ???

    On YouTube I found this , who has idea thwart it that ??? 2021 limited 10th edition
  6. EugeneYYZ

    2021 eco diesel gas mileage

    Happy Canada Day !!!
  7. EugeneYYZ

    DIY brakes

    Nice video , i dont have computer but i have 120.000$ bmw and iphone , so rear brakes (in case if you dont have computer ) has a HEX hole in it to reales brake retractor , it takes less than 1 minute to release "hand brake" brake pads . Just my 2 cents , peace .
  8. EugeneYYZ

    Some Real World MPG Numbers

    it is , ecodiesel for sure
  9. EugeneYYZ

    2021 eco diesel gas mileage

    probably yes , for sure not 3.92
  10. EugeneYYZ

    2021 eco diesel gas mileage

    here we go , my trip from canada usa canada
  11. EugeneYYZ

    Dealership Fraud, Please help!

    as long as i live , i presume all dealerships hired idiots or morons , i grab my truck last may and they gave me ownership from someone else truck with my address , lol , they find it out only then other side owner compare insurance slip with ownership with different VIN number . So no surprize...
  12. EugeneYYZ

    Siriusxm renewal

    offer for canadians :
  13. EugeneYYZ

    Bilstein Availability

    Hmmm , mine had HITACHI , now it looks like BILSTEIN
  14. EugeneYYZ

    News on a tune?

    wait a sec. on their site only 14-18 engines . Do they have soft for new engine ?
  15. EugeneYYZ

    News on a tune?

    keep us informed
  16. EugeneYYZ

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    my originals 22" has gone in 14000km , got new pirelli verde EcoPlus II
  17. EugeneYYZ

    News on a tune?

    ok thats what GDE guy wrote yesterday : "Late summer or fall 2021. Same timeframe we have been working towards. Power/torque testing is done, we spend a lot more development on the fuel economy front. "
  18. EugeneYYZ

    Diesel V6 vs Standard V6

    if you want V 6 , go for ECODIESEL .