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  1. DarkKn1ght

    Bilstein Level Installed - Issue

    Please let us know how that turns out.
  2. DarkKn1ght

    Mopar’s “Ram Airflow” Cold-Air Intake System For Ram 1500:

    You can justify it if you need the space where the stock intake sits. I'm thinking about getting it so I have room for an air compressor there.
  3. DarkKn1ght

    Ram survey on future engine choices

    I'd rather have a v8. It sounds better and will get better mileage while towing. There is a reason why Ford brought out the 7.3L gas engine.
  4. DarkKn1ght

    Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    Was it ever determined if this would work with a 2019 or 2020?
  5. DarkKn1ght

    89 octane recommend, does it really make a difference?

    I would definitely get rec 90 when you can.
  6. DarkKn1ght

    89 octane recommend, does it really make a difference?

    I run mine on 93 as there was still some occasional knock with 89.
  7. DarkKn1ght

    The Raptor Has A Cool Aux Switch Bank - So Can The RAM!

    Do you think we can hook up the top switches normally and run separate wires (not hooked up to the BCM) from under the hood for the bottom switches?
  8. DarkKn1ght

    Leveling Strut Options - Bilstein vs. Rough Country

    I think it was 7 or 8 years ago now. I just realized that I have had my TJ for 6 years already. I love Old Man Emu and BDS. I've had both of them before too. My TJ currently has ZJ OME springs in the front and LJ OME springs in the rear. I upgraded the WJ from Rough Country to Teraflex when they...
  9. DarkKn1ght

    Leveling Strut Options - Bilstein vs. Rough Country

    Past experience with both brands. Ask me why I had to completely change out my lift kit on my old WJ? I actually take my Jeeps off road. Rough County uses garbage hardware. Everything should be grade 8 hardware. Rough Country didn't get that memo. I have had Bilstein on multiple Jeeps and my old...
  10. DarkKn1ght

    New Jeep Wagoneer Preview

    I still say we need the 6.4L Hemi in our trucks. How long until we find a totaled Wagoneer or Grand Wagoneer to get a donor engine from? lol
  11. DarkKn1ght

    Leveling Strut Options - Bilstein vs. Rough Country

    There's no comparison here. Bilstein > Rough Country
  12. DarkKn1ght

    Upfitter Switches

    I think 4th Gen Ram Electronics has been having issues getting it to work. I too would like this system as it's much cleaner than any alternative.
  13. DarkKn1ght

    Compass not working??

    The same antenna that controls the compass controls the GPS system on your phone when it's plugged in. It's a PITA when it loses signal and you have to unplug your phone to have some sort of functional GPS.
  14. DarkKn1ght

    TRX Below Tailgate Marker Lights

    It's in for the floor mat recall, transmission 2-1 shift TSB, tailgate cable TSB, roof leak, front end shimmy, howling noise from driver's side A-pillar, A/C TSB, and a cracked header. I believe 1 month has been waiting on a windshield alone. I'm planning mods now for when I actually get to see...
  15. DarkKn1ght

    TRX Below Tailgate Marker Lights

    Does anyone have any information on the TRX marker lights below the tailgate? I know the HD trucks are running gen 4.5 beds with 2 holes for them to click into. Our 5th gen 1500's have plastic underneath that don't have these holes. Is the unit itself different? Is it the same but the mounting...
  16. DarkKn1ght

    Full Length Racing Stripes

    I'm excited to see how your truck turns out. Are you going with the 2 plain stripes or will you have thin pin stripes on the outside of the thicker stripes?
  17. DarkKn1ght

    Full Length Racing Stripes

    Has anyone put full length racing stripes (bumper to bumper) on their 5th gen Ram 1500?
  18. DarkKn1ght

    Bilstein 5100

    My plan is to buy ORP springs, Bilstein shocks, Hellwig rear sway bar, and Mopar lift kit UCA's and piece it all together myself.
  19. DarkKn1ght

    Bilstein 5100

    I didn't know the rear was out already. I guess I'm going to have to place my order now.
  20. DarkKn1ght

    Bilstein 5100

    Look at the price difference too. Falcon is charging too much. I know Bilstein is front only right now but there is no way that Bilstein will charge the difference for the rear when it comes out.