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  1. Jerzeyrebel

    Tire Rub with 33x12.5s -44.

    Yeah my tires stick out about a inch (with the flares) ... I just ordered a new wheel house and the spout so I can replace this and do it the right way by heating it up and pushing it back. Sucks we have to do that stuff to get nice wheels with an aggressive look on it
  2. Jerzeyrebel

    Tire Rub with 33x12.5s -44.

    Recently threw these wheels/tires on last month, I trimmed the plastics... had rubbing when I turned hard left. Was actually hoping over time it will wear itself out and not rub anymore.. well the bottom of the liner is pretty much cracked and split. I'm going to be using a heat gun to try and...
  3. Jerzeyrebel

    2021 Rebel 12! 4'' BDS Lift.

    Good Evening all. I'm a proud NEW owner of a 2021 Ram Rebel, also new to the community. coming from a 370z&Infiniti Q50 RS this is definitely a whole different kind of experience . Already did my Borla Atak & 5% Tints all around the truck including windshield. Thing looks BAD @SS! Truck has 500...
  4. Jerzeyrebel

    4 inch Zone Suspension Lift

    Great question, Hopefully can get some educated answers. I'm also in the market for a 4'' Lift. Want to make sure i'm getting the best possible set up.