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  1. hughey79

    Battery Tender Recommendations

    Currently my truck is sitting a lot more as the wife and I are car pooling in the Durango to work. Since this is the case I have been keeping the truck on a trickle charger to maintain the battery (it is sitting for weeks at a time). Hey is saves miles. I know I know. Anyway. Currently using a...
  2. hughey79

    Roof plastic rails

    Had the truck a week and now the noises are coming into play and well Im paranoid/ocd. Are these suppose to have a small amount of play at the windshield? Mine I can push down about 1/8 inch. Just curious if its normal.
  3. hughey79

    New guy from Iowa

    Hi all. Glad to be a member of the 5th gen club well as of tomorrow. I am trading in my leased 2017 Ram Sport in red for a 2019 Laramie in blue streak. Great trucks! Hoping there are no issues with this 19 as I have so much about. My new truck still has 3.92 gears. 8.4 inch wanted the 12 but...