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  1. meengreen5.2

    Tires for 22 inch stock wheels.

    Old thread i know, but how far was it from your upper control arms up front?
  2. meengreen5.2

    Rough Country 2" front leveling strut

    Mine sits just like yours with the 2"
  3. meengreen5.2

    rough country level struts installed

    Install went smooth and was super easy. Truck rides like stock. Feels just as stall as my 2010 1500 that was 2wd with a 5" maxtrac lift. Anyone running 305-45-22? I picked up a set of oem sport 22"
  4. meengreen5.2

    carbon fiber interior kit

    If anyone has a complete set for sale, pm me
  5. meengreen5.2

    quad cab leather

    Anyone know where i can get a set? Front buckets no flipdown center console. 50/40 rear bench with flipdown cup holder. 2019 ram bighorn quad can with heated seats. Manual pass and electric drivers.
  6. meengreen5.2

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Gave my truck a paint correction. Cleaned up the paint with "nu finish scratch doctor" using a foam applicator pad, and then waxed it with meguiars cleaner wax. I dont know why dealerships use those stupid auto washers
  7. meengreen5.2

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Yesterday. Got rid of the chrome halogens for night edition halogens. Led's are nice but i dont wana spend an arm and a leg if a led goes out on them sealed units.
  8. meengreen5.2

    night edition headlight swap

    Is the green really that rare?
  9. meengreen5.2

    night edition headlight swap

    Before and after. Complete look change on this black forest green 2019. 🤯
  10. meengreen5.2

    carbon fiber interior kit

  11. meengreen5.2

    carbon fiber interior kit

    I see them on ebay all the time. Anyone running a dash carbon fiber overlay kit? I got a 2019 ram 1500 bighorn/lonestar quad cab
  12. meengreen5.2

    Very Rough Start on Morning Cold Starts - Should I be concerned?

    do you know exactly what the fix was?
  13. meengreen5.2

    What color did we pick.

    Black forest green. One of the rarer dodge colors
  14. meengreen5.2

    1999 ram 1500 ramside build

    Sup fellas. Here's my 99 1500 stepside (ramside) it's one of about 2000 stepside beds made by a company called special edition in the 90's. Im redoing the entire truck. Beleive it or not, i sold this truck many years ago and got it back 2018. New interior and custom 17x9.5 billet wheels...
  15. meengreen5.2

    Rough Cold start on chill weather

    Just bought a 2019 and shes at the dealer for this exact problem
  16. meengreen5.2

    Cold Start

    Anyone get a fix for this?
  17. meengreen5.2

    Rough Cold start on chill weather

    Anybody get a fix for this?
  18. meengreen5.2

    hello from vegas

    Could be. Idk at this point. I refuse to turn wrenches on a 42k truck lol