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  1. RebelWraith

    AlfaOBD now has DT options

    Checking on something in AlfaOBD for a client and found this:
  2. RebelWraith

    Morimoto Headlights

    Just got the email from (TRS) The Retrofit Source and Morimoto has released their LED projector headlights for the 2019+ Rams.
  3. RebelWraith

    SwarfWorks Hidden Winch

    This kit works with the factory bumper grill for an extremely clean installation. The down fall is with no remote clutch option you're limited to rather expensive winches with wireless clutch releases: https://swarfworks.com/shop?olsPage=t%2Fram Here is a video that shows the winch in action:
  4. RebelWraith

    Custom center caps

    This is just a trial print to make sure I got the sizing right and screw pattern correct. Before: After: Fitment was spot on. So, now to print final versions then sand and clear.
  5. RebelWraith

    Rim Options

    Ordering lift, wheels, and tires on Friday. Going with the 4" BDS lift. But, need some assistance from you all on the rim size though. 20x10 -18 or 20x12 -44? Either option would be matched with a 35" tire. Truck is almost a daily driver (driven 3 times a week) with occasional off road use.
  6. RebelWraith

    Headlight Customization (DIY)

    This is a quick write up of how I removed a lens from a spare ram 1500 mid range headlight. There are other ways of removing them, but this is a DIY method. The ram 1500 headlights use a permaseal type of sealer to keep moisture out and keep the lens attached to the rear assembly. This is a bit...
  7. RebelWraith

    Flowmaster Direct-Fit Active Valve Exhaust

    https://www.holley.com/products/exhaust/exhaust_systems/flowfx/parts/717915 I know this is new, but has anyone installed this yet? Looks like it could be the best of both worlds. Quiet when you want it and deafening when you need it.
  8. RebelWraith


    Just picked up a new 2019 Ram Rebel 5.7L with my son's yesterday. My oldest son loves the extra room that we REALLY needed coming from a Jeep.